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5 differences between getting a full service massage and hiring an escort

By December 12, 2018Full service massage London
A man sat down on a bed who is about to get a full service massage from a masseuse

Now let’s tackle the age-old problem that has affronted the erotic massage industry since the dawn of time… What’s the difference?

What’s the difference is the phrase that plagues the erotic massage industry, it plagues it because this isn’t Pepsi/Cola wars – these are two completely different things that get piled together just because of their shared association with sex. Coke is coke! I mean truth be told I do prefer Coca-Cola to Pepsi but I know it’s silly and it’s probably just because of clever advertisement manipulation but my point still stands: getting a full service erotic massage is completely different to hiring an escort. And here are five points why:

Not just a massage

I mean sure you can get a prostitute to rub your back in a way that feels sort of nice and by all means, I would completely agree that would, in fact, be classed by anyone as a ‘massage’, but going to an authentic erotic masseuse is not just a massage. Professionally trained erotic masseuses know the human body a way a doctor does, they can manipulate your muscles in a way you wouldn’t think possible, giving deep relief and can incite a sexual energy within your body that may have laid dormant your entire life.  Getting an authentic lingam massage, for instance, is proven to cure sexual impotence and problems with early ejaculation. Going to see an erotic masseuse can be the best trip to a doctor you’ve ever had… visiting an escort could lead to a trip to the doctors!

A male client getting an outcall massageA different kettle of fish

What do you know about prostitutes? Well, you don’t need to watch a Louie Theroux documentary to know it’s not a completely clean industry. People getting into the sex trade don’t tend to do it because of their passion for the trade – people get into sex work because of drug addiction, desperation, neglect, trafficking etc.  This is not the case at all with erotic masseuses. The level of training required to be an erotic masseuse is extremely high – it can take years of patient practice to even master a number of basic styles. To decide to follow this path one must be completely passionate about the art and really believe in the power of tantra etc. Having an appointment with an erotic masseuse is nothing but safe, certified and legitimate. A trip to an escort can be everything but.

You might actually learn something!

Going to see an escort will give you sexual gratification. Going to see an erotic masseuse and getting full service (which includes sex and oral) you will learn a host of exciting and sexually stimulating positions/moves. Not only will you learn a thing or two about what to try next time you’re showing off but you will also learn a lot about your own body. An erotic masseuse will teach you how to control your own sexual energy and will demonstrate techniques that can help you control those sensations – which done correctly can lead you to experience a full body orgasm.

A bunch of letters that spells out learnHappy Endings?

I don’t know about you but personally, I have only ever felt rubbish after sleeping with a prostitute. I spoke to a group of close male friends and they said the same. I guess once you’ve got over the initial high of getting off, the low feeling returns, an emptiness post coitus that only comes from having sex with an escort – this guilt! It’s awful. On the other hand, after getting a full service erotic massage you will experience a positive boost in your mind and body that can last for weeks! The masseuse awakens your positive endorphins through relaxation techniques leaving you feeling giddy and happy. The full service element of the session doesn’t leave you feeling shitty either because it’s so intrinsic to the massage, it doesn’t feel seedy or isn’t something you feel guilty about either.

No need to call the cops!

Prostitution is a criminal offence in the UK, whether you consider it a crime or not there are laws in place which mean ordering an escort could get you into trouble with the law. Now you don’t want that do you! Getting an erotic massage with full service is completely above board. You should have no concerns about walking into a massage parlour in broad daylight and getting the erotic massage style of your choice! If you are concerned about legalities and want to be certain you are going to a refutable erotic massage parlour that is completely above board I would advise you check out Majestic Massage London – this central London erotic massage company has been around for years and is extremely popular due to its high standard of masseuses, enticing array of massage styles all at affordable prices. It is rated the best full service massage parlor in London!

So next time someone tries to compare a full service massage and escort services and you are in ear range – I insist you go over there and correct that ignorant so and so about the five important differences between the two completely different trades. Until next time!

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