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A step to step guide of body to body massage

By October 26, 2018Body to body massage London
A male client lay down getting a professional body to body massage


Massages are relaxing, soothing and extremely intimate – especially a body to body massage. The prospect of one can be very daunting to some people as you do have to be vulnerable with your body and mind to fully interact with the masseuse. I am here to ease your worries and take you on a step to step guide on receiving a full body to body massage.


What exactly is a body to body massage?

A body to body massage is a type of erotic massage used in many Asian massage parlours. The masseuse uses her body to massage, caress and rub against yours, as well as using her hands too. This type of massage is extremely intimate and requires both of you to be completely naked. The masseuse will use cool scented oils and gels, so there is less friction between your bodies. It is highly arousing and you usually receive it with a happy ending massage or a full body massage. The masseuse will begin with her hands, focusing on areas such as your back, neck and shoulders. This will help to relieve your stress and anxieties before she moves on to arousing you and bring you to climax.


Where did body to body massages originate from?

Body to body massages come from what is known as “tantric massages” and are also a major part of any sensual or erotic massage therapy. It incorporates elements from the neotantric movement in Western world massages which focuses on the erroneous areas of the body, such as the mouth, penis, vagina and the anus. It was first practiced in Western countries such as China and India, but has now become increasingly popular in the Western world for mental and physical pleasure, as well as a healing mechanism.


What is their purpose?

The purpose of a body to body massage is to help you feel relaxed and aroused with the ultimate outcome of sexual gratification as well as mental and physical peace. Of course, the masseuse wants to make you enjoy yourself physically, but it is also about the benefits it can have for your mind. It will help relieve your anxieties and stress and become more focused on yourself.


How professional are the masseuses?

To be able to perform a body to body massage at a massage parlour, the parlour requires the masseuse to be professionally trained to a high level. Every masseuse in Asian massage parlours across London have been trained at some of the most elite massage therapy schools across China, Japan and Korea. They are all very carefully hand selected due to their beauty, hard work and dedication for their profession. Luckily, most massage parlours have a wide range of girls to choose from ranging from different sizes and nationalities as well as age.


How will they help performance in the bedroom?

Due to the intimate nature of a body to body massage you are encouraged to let your guard down and give yourself to the other person. This can be a very scary ordeal for many; however, it does help build your confidence. It will teach you to be okay with your flaws and overcome your insecurities because a body to body massage is a session with no judgement. You learn to appreciate one another’s body, mind and soul on a very deep level. You learn to give but most importantly you learn to receive and let somebody else take care of you. You will also feel more confident in being the giver as you will learn from the masseuse how exactly to be intimate with someone on a level which is so much more than physical.


Overall, our body to body massage London services can be beneficial for you in so many different ways. It is a way to explore your mind and soul as well as physically and sexually pleasuring you to a state of relaxation and happiness.

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