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Become a fitter and healthier person this January without going to the gym

By January 8, 2020Erotic massage London

After indulging on chocolate, tucking into second-helpings of turkey and over-doing it with the booze it’s only natural that our health won’t be at its best after the Christmas break. While purchasing a gym membership might seem like the easiest option to shift the extra Christmas pounds it’s not always the best, as health expert Daniella Bond explains.

Come January 2nd we’re all partied out and ready to turn our attention to becoming a better person for the New Year. So, it’s no surprise gyms suddenly see an influx of new clients. While it might seem like a good time to join the gym as you won’t be the only ‘newbie’, I strongly advise you against it. Many gyms struggle to keep up with the rush of customers in January. Classes quickly become fully booked and waiting for equipment to become free can be a lengthy task. In other words, it’s not worth it – and can often be a waste of your precious time. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot become a fitter and healthier person this January, as I have some good tips for you that doesn’t involve stepping foot in the gym.

Aim to have eight hours sleep at night

Constant boozing and late nights often take its toll on our body clock during the Christmas break, therefore it’s important to get your sleeping pattern back on track in January and also, the key to becoming fit and healthy is in your sleep. Lack of sleep leaves you feeling irritable, lethargic, stressed and lazy. The more tired you feel, the less likely you are to have the motivation to do some exercise or cook a healthy meal. A good night’s sleep on the other hand fulfils your whole body with serotonin and oxytocin, which are vital components in boosting your mindset ready to tackle the day ahead. Eight hours sleep will provide you with all the energy needed to go on a light-jog, power-walk with the dog and do a few swimming lengths at your local pool. It’ll also make you more inclined to cook a wholesome meal, rather than grabbing the phone to order from the local takeaway. If you are someone who struggles to catch your zzzs at night then we recommend you turn off all technology (including phones, laptops and TVs) at least one hour before your bedtime, as these devices can stimulate your brain. Instead, opt to read a book or magazine. 

A double bedMake a conscious effort to go on a walk

Making an effort to go on a walk every day can go a long way at boosting your fitness levels and health. Not only does it get your heart pumping, but the fresh air stimulates strength to the oxygen and blood circulation which naturally makes you feel more physically fit, as well as encouraging a positive mindset. Those who choose to go on a walk every day are also more inclined to tuck into healthier snacks, as well as having a better routine when it comes to sleep and fulfilling daily tasks. It really is the best remedy for being a healthier and happier person. We understand that for some finding the time to go on a walk each day might not be feasible, however simple tasks such as taking the dog around the block, picking the kids up from school on foot or choosing to walk to work can really make a difference to your health. 

A person walkingGet an erotic massage

They say save the best until last and boy, I’ve certainly done just that – let me introduce you to erotic massage. It’s not a myth, it can actually make you become fitter and healthier this January. As well as fulfilling your entire bedroom needs, erotic massage is brimming with health benefits for both your body and mind. First of all, the teasing and tantalising rubdown enhances the levels of white blood cells within the body. Scientists understand white blood cells to be a vital component which strengthens the immune system. The stronger your immune system is, the less chance you have of becoming sick – which ultimately leaves you happier and healthier. Just like sleep, erotic massage also triggers the rush of Oxytocin and also flushes out the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol which are all factors in helping you to become a fitter person this January. If you are looking for somewhere to try an erotic massage, then I highly recommend the Majestic Massage London parlour. Here you can enjoy an authentic, professional and sexy erotic massage from just £120ph. That’s not all, this reputable company also offer outcall services across the city of London. Who knew something so naughty could be so good for your health? Bookings can be taken from 10 am to 3 am, seven days a week on the day you desire your appointment. Call us today to try our erotic massage Soho services.

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