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Men’s Health, a mini-series.

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The topic this week: Suicide survivors reveal how our tantric massage Marylebone services saved them from the brink - and took them to the edge of orgasm instead. This week…
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Debate of the day – Does body to body massage need to be sexual?

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'We asked two regular massage goers if body to body massage needs to be sexual to enjoy the whole experience.' Dave, Accounts Manager, Dagenham: ‘Are you joking, of course, it…
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Nine tantalising tips for booking a luscious Lingam massage

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Why should you consider getting a lingam massage? If you’re looking to give yourself (and your manhood) a thrilling time then a sensual Lingam massage has your name written all…
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It’s simple maths!

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TIME + HAPPY ENDING = HAPPY TIME But let’s try a different equation… We are so happy with the quality of our happy ending massage East London service that we…
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How did a full service massage make me a better lover

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3 Men’s Real Life Stories: How Full Service turned them from Casa-no-sex into Casanovas   Lani, 48. I was never a ladies man. When I was young I was much…
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Calling all singletons… get a Nuru massage this Valentine’s Day

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Fed up of sitting in with your mum on Valentine’s Day while indulging in an over-sized tub of Ben and Jerry’s? Well, this year you don’t have to. We call…
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Is four hands massage better for incall or outcall?

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Four hands massage is often regarded as the crème de la crème of adult treatments. If you opt for this service, you have no limitations on your fun and only…
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New Year, New Me – Why I Started My Year with Erotic Massage

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Life can become a monotonous cycle of eat, sleep, work, repeat. So when we start the New Year it’s likely we’ll aim to try new things. After reading about the…
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Get a sensual massage to cure your Psoriasis

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When people hear the words “sensual massage” their faces automatically turn into a frown and their voices scorn as they link it to something illegally erotic or dub it as…
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Want to be healthy in 2019? Book in for a prostate massage

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We all know that collective feeling of health craze that sweeps the nation every time January slopes around. After the Christmas period and the indulging that comes with it, we…
A broken heart with a plaster stuck on it that represents how a tantric massage can help mend it

Why a tantric massage can be the perfect way to mend a broken heart

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The art of Tantra or a tantric massage is the perfect way to give you a deep insight into who you really are and what your purpose is. It awakens…
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How to prepare for a B2B massage

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To fully enjoy the true and amazing experience of a body to body massage, there are various ways that you can prepare in order to ensure you get the most…
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How to give your partner an authentic Lingam massage

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If it’s date night or a special someone’s birthday, massage is an obvious go-to to spice up your night before the sexy parts. But we’re about to take your evening…
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Why happy ending massage made my Christmas less stressful

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Ah, Christmas, ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ while I love to overindulge in mulled wine, have second helpings of pigs in blankets and decorate the whole house, Christmas…
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5 differences between getting a full service massage and hiring an escort

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Now let’s tackle the age-old problem that has affronted the erotic massage industry since the dawn of time… What’s the difference? What’s the difference is the phrase that plagues the…
A couple kissing during sunset

One Couple, one product, one night to save their love life

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Many couples find themselves stuck in a rut. They become comfortable, distracted, perhaps even bored of their other half. We challenged couples on the edge of domestic detachment to have…
A man lay on a mattress getting an erotic Asian 4 hands massage off two masseuses

Four Hands Massage Uncovered

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What is so great about a four hands massage? Four hands massage is fast becoming the most popular erotic massage style on the market. It is true that no other…
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Sexual tension sucks right? Here’s how to get that rubber band off your dick for good

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What exactly is sexual tension? Sexual tension can feel like someone has wrapped your dick in an elastic band. The longer that elastic band remains the more pain it causes.…
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Sensual and seductive massage therapy that will drive your partner crazy

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Why should you give your partner a sensual massage? Massages, no matter if they are at a spa or massage parlour, can be pretty damn arousing, in particular – sensual…
A male client lying down who is about to get a prostate massage of an Asian massage therapist

For the ultimate male orgasm try prostate massage

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‘What’s the deal with prostate?’ – Your questions answered by an expert. "Hello. I’m just going to get straight to it…I overheard some colleagues talking the other day, they were…
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So you want to relax? Try Tantra!

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That’s not much of an ask surely, but in the hectic pace of modern life, it is certainly a case of easier said than done. There are many massage treatments…
A male client lay down getting a professional body to body massage

A step to step guide of body to body massage

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  Massages are relaxing, soothing and extremely intimate – especially a body to body massage. The prospect of one can be very daunting to some people as you do have…
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Feeling down? Full service massage could be the answer to your prayers

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Society has conditioned us to be unable to speak openly about sex, as if it is some sort of taboo, mainly due to social norms and religious or cultural restriction…
A male client looking confused about whether to choose a lingam massage or a happy ending

Are Lingam massage and happy ending the same?

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There are lots of myths in the erotic massage world and one is that Lingam massage and happy ending are the same services. While we can’t deny the treatments have…
A client lay down on a massage table and about to get an incall four hands massage

How to have the Happiest of Happy endings

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A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE   It’s all in the preparation… If you don’t prepare your body, mind and soul you’re in…
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Stop what you’re doing! – Six reasons you need to get a Nuru massage today

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Originating in Japan, Nuru is one of the most sought after bodyworks in the adult massaging world. The service is soothing, sultry and sexy – providing everything you need for…
A male client getting a 4 hands massage off a two Asian masseuses

The do’s and don’ts of a 4 Hands massage

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Kiko Cho's guide to getting a four hands massage Getting your first four hands massage? Worried about what to expect, or just want to make sure you’re clued up before…

Your Oriental Massage experience

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Give our girls a call to book your tantric massage TODAY. 07823807648 Arrange your London Oriental Massage. We are leading Oriental massage service London. Arranging a massage reaches new heights…

Exploring happy ending massage

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Hi everyone, I was absent on the blog in along time and I figured it was about time I brought something to the forum, and open up a discussion. A…

Introduce our Tantric Massage

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Asian Majestic Massage London offers the best tantric massage in London. We provide outcall tantric massage and incall tantric massage. More about Majestic Tantric Massage Our tantric massage is one of…