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Asian Tantric Massage Near Bond Street

What Makes An Asian Tantric Massage Near Bond Street So Great?

Bond Street is known for being the place of trade for many of the finest fashion boutiques from across the world. The wealthy and powerful from all over the globe travel to Bond Street London to get the best, the most expensive treasures in existence. Precious jewels, high art and fashion aren’t the only treasures that are nestled in Bond Street… the finest Asian Tantric Massage parlour can be found near Bond Street.

Bond Street, for those that are unfamiliar, can be found in the West End of London. It links Piccadilly in the south to Oxford Street in the north. If you are visiting London and are staying in a hotel in the centre of the city then getting to Bond Street will be very easy. The beauty about our parlour is that it doesn’t require booking months in advance! The parlour is run under the ethos of catering for busy working clients, (business city men) who may not be able to predict when they will have a spare hour. Our Asian tantric massage parlour near Bond Street only requires half an hour notice before your booking and is one of the main reasons why we are the number one place to go for a Japanese massage.

Why Is An Asian Tantric Massage So Popular?

Asian tantric massage is now considered the most popular and sought after Asian erotic massage styles in existence. Its popularity is perhaps due to the powerful sexual healing and sexual growth that comes from learning tantric. Asian tantric massage reconnects your sexual energy with your body and opens your pleasure portals enabling you to feel fully satisfied. Your tantric masseuse will deploy special techniques that awaken your pleasure sensations and by building and edging you the Asian tantric masseuse can create an orgasm so powerful that when you eventually do let go and release, you will experience intense orgasmic pleasure from the tips of your fingers right down to your toes.  Asian Tantric is the most highly skilled, powerful and mind-altering erotic massage you could ever experience. It would be a big mistake if you didn’t come and try one of our Asian massage Bond Street services.

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What You May Need To Know If  You Come To Our Parlour Near Bond Street For A Massage

If you come to the authentic Asian tantric massage parlour near bond street you can get a genuine Asian tantric massage, performed by a beautiful multi-talented Asian masseuse with a happy ending for £120 and with full service for £160.

The Bond Street Asian Tantric Massage Parlour is open 10 am until 3 am, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Simply gives us a call and come and try one of our oriental massages today. We are ready to offer you a massage you simply can’t turn down!