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Bring back the passion in your relationship with a sensual massage

By October 23, 2019Sensual massage London
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Long-lasting and strong relationships require a lot of hard work and dedication, and like anything else in life they do at times require some level of sacrifice. In the modern world of consumerism, we basically have the world at our fingertips… fast food, fast fashion and fast hook-ups through apps such as Tinder and Bumble. 

This sort of lifestyle means that we are a generation that is over-stimulated and externally focused that can have a very negative impact on our romantic relationships. We often go through a string of disposable romances, throwing relationships away without trying to work on them. 

If you find that your relationship with your significant other is on the rocks, that the connection is dwindling and the passion in the bedroom has lost its fire, then we have a suggestion for you… try sensual massage therapy. 

How sensual massage therapy can help ignite that spark again

Sensual massage therapy combines both tantric and erotic massage therapy together, offering you a spiritual awakening with a sexual twist. It is a very intimate style of massage that requires a lot of trust and communication, something that your relationship might be lacking. 

Whether you are your partner have a couples massage at a massage parlour, or perform it on one another in the comfort of your own home, you will definitely see a positive result in your relationship.

Sensual massages are performed body to body, therefore both participants will become very close to one another. With gentle touches, long strokes and caresses across your skin and intimate areas, you will form a deep connection with each other. This connection will feel very pleasurable both mentally and physically and you will learn about each other in a more in-depth way compared to the usual sexual interactions. 

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What massage styles are best combined with a sensual massage?

Massages performed in a sensual style are always highly enjoyable and arousing. A “happy ending” and “full service” massage are both ideal for performing in a sensual massage style as they both have an erotic twist. 

These massage styles are particularly good when combined with a sensual massage as engaging in sexual activity with your partner elevates oxytocin levels for both genders, which in turn increases intimacy, trust and reduces stress. This can help you develop feelings of love and fondness, helping you and your partner to bond with one another. 

Our services

If you are based in central London or are having a quick trip in this vibrant and multi-cultural city then why not make use of all it has to offer and visit our erotic Asian massage parlour? We are open 7 days a week from early in the morning until late into the night, offering our customers the most extensive list of incall and outcall services in all of London. 

Our beautiful and professionally trained masseuses have come to the U.K to work their magic on the gentlemen of London, giving our customers a 5* erotic massage experience. Coming from major cities in Japan, China and Korea, our starlets are truly internationally loved. We have carefully hand selected them based on their sheer beauty, raw talent and dedication for their profession. 

We always give you complete choice over the masseuse you have and trust us when we say you will feel like a child in a sweet shop when choosing what girl you want for your session. All of our therapists have model like figures and striking physiques to match their bright personalities. 

You can contact us via SMS, landline or by email to arrange a private appointment with one of our oriental beauties. We offer couples massages for both incall and outcall sessions, and our girls know exactly how to help you rekindle the spark and heat things back up in the bedroom between you and your partner. 

We are based in the centre of the city but also offer exclusive London outcall sensual massage visits to our customers for a very cheap rate. If you would prefer for the masseuse to visit you in the comfort of your own home or hotel room while you wait for her to arrive, then we can make this dream your reality. 

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