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Calling all singletons… get a Nuru massage this Valentine’s Day

By February 11, 2019Nuru massage London
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Fed up of sitting in with your mum on Valentine’s Day while indulging in an over-sized tub of Ben and Jerry’s? Well, this year you don’t have to. We call all singletons to come and enjoy the wonders of our Nuru massage West London services this February 14th. It promises to be the best Valentine’s Day you’d ever had.

What is Nuru and why should you get one this Valentine’s day?

Nuru is highly regarded as one of the most superior massages of them all, which is why it should be saved for Valentine’s Day. It’s breathtakingly unique, as it also incorporates strokes using the therapist’s boobs and bum into the massage, which is guaranteed to climax you into the highest state of euphoria. Unlike most erotic massages, Nuru uses a specialised formula known as Nori gel instead of traditional massage oil. The gel is super slippery and allows your therapist to effortlessly slide and grind against your naked body.

It’s cheaper than a romantic gift

So let’s be honest, the only good thing about being single for Valentine’s Day is the amount of money you save, but what if we told you that you could have a night of euphoric passion without being out of pocket? Nuru is available from just £150 and is sure to sizzle your whole body and mind into seventh heaven. This is less than a mediocre romantic meal for two or a night-stay in a middle-of-the-road London hotel. We certainly know which one which we’d be booking.

A box of chocolates and flowers

You get to have sex with an insanely hot girl

It’s a given, most couples are bound to have sex on Valentine’s Day. However, they’re not the only ones getting hot under the covers this February 14th. Nuru massages are always available with the full service package which comprises of the added elements of oral and intercourse. Not only are the masseuses highly-trained in the art of the finest seduction, but they are also insanely hot too. Whether your type is a pint-sized pocket rocket, a legs eleven model or a boobilicious beauty then you’re guaranteed to find a girl of your dreams.

The session can be tailored to however you like

When it comes to Nuru, you can be completely selfish in what you like with the service being specifically tailored to suit just what gets your love juices flowing. Whether you want a tame sweet vanilla ride or something more naughty and adventurous then they sure have it covered. As it is Valentine’s Day, it would be rude not to request some full thrills extras. Most Nuru therapists are open to requests, whether that being French kissing, dress-up or OWO. You’ll be built up to the most powerful orgasm of your life, who says you need a girlfriend?

It’s hassle-free

Being in a relationship can be the best thing in the world, but it can have its downfalls. The hassle and grief you get off your girlfriend may make you question if it’s just easier to be single. Nuru massage is completely hassle-free, once the hour of burning passion has come to an end you and your masseuse can go your separate ways. Whether you see her again for some more lustful romance or want to keep your encounter as a one-time treat it is entirely your choice. One thing is for sure, your Nuru massage will be the best-kept secret between you and your masseuse.

A Japanese massage therapist with her chin on her handBook your Nuru Valentine’s Day massage now!

As you can imagine, erotic massage parlours are busy places and we expect to see a surge in clients booking Nuru this Valentine’s Day. The good news is that our parlours, which are dotted around Central London, are open between 10 am and 3 am. This ensures you can enjoy a sizzling romantic session with them whatever hour of the day. We have a delicious team of oriental therapists who can’t wait to spice up your single Valentine’s Day – seriously boys, one visit to our parlour and you’ll question any relationship you’ve ever had.

As well as Nuru, we also offer a sizzling menu of other massages that you may want to get your teeth into. Whether you want to combine another style with Nuru or opt for a completely different one it is entirely up to you. Call our 24-hour hotline on 07823807648 to book your seventh heaven appointment. We can’t wait to welcome you through our doors this February 14th!

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