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Debate of the day – Does body to body massage need to be sexual?

An illustration of a woman and a man having a debate

‘We asked two regular massage goers if body to body massage needs to be sexual to enjoy the whole experience.’

Dave, Accounts Manager, Dagenham: ‘Are you joking, of course, it does!’

When this question was put to me my response was a no-brainer, of course it has to be sexual. Not having the sexual elements with a body to body massage is like going to McDonald’s, ordering a large Big Mac Meal, but opting for salad as the side – it just doesn’t happen.  

I work 60 hour weeks and often struggle to find time to treat myself. That’s why I come for a body to body massage, it gives me one hour of mesmerising pleasure and indulges into my naughtiest of cravings. I work super hard, so of course I’m going to play even harder.  

To really explore the exhilaration which body to body massage comes with, you need to treat the massaging part just as the starter, as there are many other delicious courses which come with the sensual feast. Of course, this isn’t disregarding the massaging element as this feels absolutely immense, but what comes later makes the bodywork just seem like a warm-up.

And let’s be honest guys and say body to body masseuse are f****** hot, with bouncy breasts and perky bums, you can easily mistake these stunning goddesses for porn-stars. If you’re a guy and say you don’t want to get down and dirty with them, just after they’ve rubbed their flawless figure on you naked, then you’re weird AF.

I also have many friends who have seen a boost in their sex-life when opting for a sexy body to body treatment. Opting for the service and sex can increase libido and sexual stamina because let’s be honest, no woman wants to get frisky with a man who only lasts 30 seconds. Practice makes perfect and if you want to boost your performance in the bedroom then definitely opt for a sensual body to body massage.

A Korean masseuse lay on a hotel bed in her sexy bra and knickers

Tony, Pilot, Northwood: ‘Sex is not a necessity’

There’s no denying that body to body massage and sex go together very well, but to say the sexual parts are crucial when having the treatment is completely insulting to the massage and of course, the therapists.

Body to body masseuses work super hard to obtain the qualifications needed to perform the therapy. Some train for years in some of the most elite training schools across the world, here they are taught more than 500 techniques which they use to tantalise their clients. Therefore, to treat these talented girls as sex-workers is hugely degrading and offensive to them.

I for one, opt for body to body massage for so many reasons other than the sexual stuff. As a 55 year old male, my health is evidently not in its prime like it was when I was 21. However, as someone who loves to stay as active as possible, I love to find new ways to keep on top of my health maintenance. And I have found body to body to be an effective way to do this.

So, you may ask why do I opt for body to body instead of other traditional bodyworks? My answer to that is that with body to body, nothing is off limits. This means that no area of your physique is neglected, which if left unattended to, could cause more problems in the future. For example, one of the main reasons I seek body to body is stress relief – and with scientists proving that stress mainly builds in the erogenous zones, it would be pointless in getting a massage for stress elimination if the therapists were not going to massage these areas.

Body to body massage has also proven to relieve aches and pains, boost the immune system and uplifts the moods. What more can I say, it isn’t just about getting your end away.

The whole experience of getting a body to body massage is super luxurious and nothing like the dingy walk-ins you see in Soho. At a body to body massage parlour you’ll usually be greeted with a glass of champagne, invited in a spacious treatment room (which could easily be mistaken for a five star hotel) and asked if you would like to enjoy a glorious bubble bath for your session finale. It whisks you away to the finest serenity, a far cry away from your daily grinds. Body to body massage provides the full package that never needs to be sexual to enjoy, to say it does is pretty shallow.

Does body to body massage need to be sexual? See for yourself!

We would love you to join our debate about whether body to body massage needs to be sexual. To reach your verdict, visit our parlour called Majestic Massage London, which is based in Central London and where we host a variety of oriental therapists who serve body to body massage and the sexier bits. B2B packages are available from £120 with happy ending and £160 full service. You know what to do boys, pick up the phone and book one of our Asian body to body massage London services today by calling 07823807648.

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