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Feeling down? Full service massage could be the answer to your prayers

By October 18, 2018Full service massage London
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Society has conditioned us to be unable to speak openly about sex, as if it is some sort of taboo, mainly due to social norms and religious or cultural restriction over the years. Viewing sex as a physical act that we as humans use to procreate reminds us how animalistic we actually are, and this threatens viewpoints that we are spiritual beings rather than physical beings. In particular, the act of paying for sex in the form of a massage or those type of services is highly frowned upon and not accepted within society at all, and why? Everybody has sex, it is part of human life and nobody should be ashamed about that, so why does it matter how we go about doing it? So long as to everyone consents to it. In fact, we definitely should be a lot more open about our sexual lives and give it credit when its due as it has so many benefits that help many people across the globe daily.

I have interviewed a number of young professional men and women to ask them why a full service massage (massage which includes sex) is beneficial to you and why it makes you feel better about yourself, and here is what they had to say;


Saskia, Student, 21


I have always been quite self-conscious about my body, mainly due to my weight. Ever since hitting puberty I have always been on the curvier side of the scale which in the past caused massive confidence issues for me. As I got into my teenage years this became even more difficult as I was too insecure to get naked in front of somebody which always prohibited me from having passionate, intimate sex. However, after receiving a spa voucher for my 19th birthday, I went to a lovely Asian spa to get a massage. I was quite nervous as I knew this meant I would only be wearing a towel but I braved it anyway. To my surprise, the massage did take an erotic and sensual turn, which I was okay with. The masseuse paid attention to my curves and almost worshipped them, I could tell she was getting turned on by my body and this made me feel amazing about myself. I left the massage feeling very satisfied and I had a whole other outlook on my body. A full service massage definitely helped me with my body issues and gave me the confidence boost that I needed.


Joseph, Restaurant Manager, 32


Due to the industry I work in, it is a lot of long hours and late nights, which ultimately isn’t great when you are in a relationship. I have been with my partner Sarah for around 5 years and at the beginning of the year, we really hit a stump in our relationship, both emotionally and physically. Due to our contrasting schedules, it was becoming so difficult to find that intimate time alone with another and when we did we felt as if we had lost our spark. This made me down about myself and I didn’t know what to do to spice things up. We both love each other and wanted to bring that heat back to the bedroom so we looked at our options online, and a threesome was suggested. Neither of us had ever experienced one and were both rather keen on the idea. We found a classy and private Asian massage parlour in central London with a stunning selection of girls to choose from, and we opted for a couples massage which included full service for me. The attentive oriental masseuse massaged us both from head to toe, in a very sensual and sexual way, making us both become very aroused. She then brought us on to the same bed and while I went down on Sarah the masseuse began to have sex with me. It was a lot of teamwork and it definitely gave me and Sarah the chance to bond and it was nice to see her enjoying herself once again in the bedroom. Although we have gone back to just us two being intimate, we both agreed that getting a full service massage saved our relationship and has certainly brought back the passion!


Leo, Personal Assistant, 25


My job consists of me basically running around, keeping somebody else’s life on check, while mine becomes a second thought. I was feeling very run down and had literally no time to myself, even a 5 minute shower felt like a break. I decided to treat myself on my day off to a tantric massage as I also did not have time in my life for any intimacy. I selected an amazing masseuse who was gorgeous and opted for the full service massage. She began by applying soft and soothing oils all over my body and rubbing it in gently yet sensually. She massaged all the parts of my body which felt tense and I could feel the pressure disappear from my neck, shoulders and back. I turned around onto my back and the masseuse removed the towel and applied lubrication on to my penis and began stroking it and massaging my foreskin up and down, it felt so relaxing and around. Soon after this, she placed it between her lips and began to suck it passionately using her tongue to flick the tip. Once my breathing became more intense she got on top of me and moved up and down until I reached climax. My orgasm seemed to last forever and it was such an incredible experience. Getting a full service massage was definitely the release I needed and I get one every few weeks to help balance out my anxieties and stress. It is a great mood booster and re-energizes me for my job.

Evidentially, it is clear that full service massages which include sex have amazing benefits for people. Ranging from their confidence, relationships, sex life, stress and just tackling everyday life in a  positive manner.


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