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For the ultimate male orgasm try prostate massage

By November 8, 2018Prostate massage London
A male client lying down who is about to get a prostate massage of an Asian massage therapist

‘What’s the deal with prostate?’ – Your questions answered by an expert.

“Hello. I’m just going to get straight to it…I overheard some colleagues talking the other day, they were discussing prostate massage. One of them claimed that the orgasm you get with prostate massage is more powerful, more enjoyable, than anything they had experienced before. The other guy agreed, he said he thought he’d had an orgasm before – thinking it was just ejaculation – but after getting a prostate massage realised what an orgasm really was. He said it was an out of body experience, that it felt amazing. I have never had an orgasm before, which is a pretty embarrassing claim to admit to considering I’m 42. I’m worried it’s too late for me. I’m married with children and I really don’t want to bring this up with my wife. We barely have sex anymore as it is, asking her to stick fingers up my bum would just be uncomfortable for both of us and I don’t think I’d be able to orgasm. Is it worth me going to a massage parlour? Does prostate massage work for everyone or just some people? I don’t want to waste my time. Thanks, Gregg.”

An Asian masage therapist crouched on top of a male client during a prostate massage

“Gregg thanks for your email and can I say well done for opening up, I know it’s not easy. That isn’t to say your experience is a unique one, in fact, I think you’d be surprised at how many men email me with the same issue. The male orgasm has been something that has been totally neglected. Men’s feelings, in general, are something that is tossed aside too often. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about wanting to feel good or to approach this with your partner. That isn’t to say I don’t understand I do. We do not live in a perfect world; we live in a world where men are not encouraged to talk about their feelings, men are supposed to provide and to look after their wives. The fact that you can’t approach a desire that you have with your wife is nothing more than a tragedy. Or perhaps it is the reality of this world. Another reality of this world is the world of erotic massage. One of the most secure industries in this world is the age-old trade of sex. Why do you suppose that is Gregg? Because the model of family does not work, or at least it doesn’t work on its own. What I want you to do Gregg is to learn the luxury of a private life. A lot of Western men are alien to this concept, they have been taught that honesty is everything and that to be a truly good husband you must share everything with your wife. To really keep a strong and happy family unit you must ensure your own happiness above all others.  Do not tell your wife everything; secrets are the foundation of a healthy marriage. If you tell your wife every stray thought that falls into your brain she is going to respect you less and less. You mention that you have been having less sex, are you surprised? What is sexy about a man that is too uncomfortable to tell his wife how to pleasure him or to explore that with her? I’m not berating you, or singling you out for that matter – as I said so many men have fallen into the same trap as you. What is sexy to a woman is mystery, is a man that has his shit together, a man that isn’t needy and a man that is in charge of his sexuality. The truth of the matter, even if you are yet to admit it to yourself, is that you don’t want your wife at 40 something to know you haven’t had an orgasm before, what will that say about your marriage? How will that make her feel? And so the best thing you can do for you and your wife is to go a get a prostate massage. It is a simple as that Gregg it really is. By going to an erotic massage parlour you can guarantee that a professional – who knows what they are doing when they go near your prostate – can deliver you a massage that will not only relax you but will awaken that sexual dragon inside. I am certain that if you go to an erotic massage parlour you will feel confident to try out styles and positions you might never have tried with your wife. This is a safe space for you to try these things, free of judgement or embarrassment. Is there a fetish you’ve always wondered about? Have ever thought sex could be better if you were blindfolded or tied to a bed? This will be your chance to find out. In regards to prostate massage – yes I can guarantee you will orgasm. Think of it like this, can your wife orgasm if you do not massage her clitoris? No, exactly.  Massaging your prostate will give you a similar sensation to that women experience when getting their clit rubbed. Crazy isn’t it? Why don’t people know this! I will end with this, I am glad the men in your office are talking openly about their pleasure- it’s important. So… when you do get your prostate massage and you learn how it enables you to have fantastic, powerful orgasms – Spread the word!”


The Sexpert.

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