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Four Hands Massage Uncovered

By November 26, 20184 Hands massage London
A man lay on a mattress getting an erotic Asian 4 hands massage off two masseuses

What is so great about a four hands massage?

Four hands massage is fast becoming the most popular erotic massage style on the market. It is true that no other massage service can deliver as much intensity and deep rooted pleasure than that of four hands. But another truth that we hope to uncover this week is that, although many people are not aware of this, next time you go into a parlour for a four hands massage you ought to ask about the different variations of four hands on offer. That’s right, there’s more than one kind of four hands! Depending on your personal preferences you may well discover that there is a variable of four hands that is more perfect for you than the standard body to body four hands massage you may have previously experienced.

So now I’ve dropped that bombshell let’s learn about some of the other exciting types of four hands massage you are more than welcome to try!


Naughty Nuru…

First off let’s talk about Nuru. Nuru is considered far and wide as the most thrilling of all the erotic massage styles. Nuru is sticky, messy, sexy, fun, naughty and certainly a real chance to let go and have an intimate, cheeky time. Now, the primary ingredient to a successful Nuru massage is using authentic Nuru gel. Nuru gel is made up of a Japanese seaweed called ‘nori’, the properties of nori allow the recipient of the massage to get up close and personal with their masseuse in a way unprecedented to any other massage style. The Nuru gel makes naked skin to skin contact between client and masseuse devilishly exciting and intensely playful.  The nori gel essentially sticks you together, bringing her ample breasts as close to your hot and heavy chest than would ever have been possible before. This is a contrast to the other exciting property of Nuru gel; its other rare quality is that it is devilishly slippery. The slippery consistency allows your masseuse to grind up and down your trembling body, moving her ample assets across the breadth of your body. As you can imagine, Nuru massage can get very messy, which is, in a way its appeal. To get Nuru massage as four hands is the ideal combo; the risqué nature of Nuru can only be enhanced with another pair of hands. A three way Nuru gives you a completely different experience to a regular Nuru massage, not only is there the added benefit of an extra masseuse but the extra sexual tension, foreplay and double concentration on you makes this already pretty out there massage style all the wilder! If you have ever dreamt of having an incredibly exciting sexual experience with two beautiful women were all the attention is on you then go for a Nuru four hands massage, my friend…

Two Asian masseuses lay on a Nuru bed

Luxury Lingam

A lingam massage focuses on one body part the most – giving full attention to the area. The area in question is the lingam, which translates into English as ‘penis’- which I hope gives you more of an idea what this massage is all about. Many people would not even consider the possibility of getting a four hands lingam massage and I can see why it wouldn’t come to mind – I mean, you’ve only got one penis, right? You’re not wrong! But you are wrong about lingam four hands. Picture this: One masseuse orally pleasuring you. It’s slow, it’s intense, she’s taking her time. Then there’s another masseuse, she is massaging your back, your neck, she is naked and rubbing her breasts up and down your naked back. This isn’t any old lingam massage; this is the kind of lingam massage fit for a King.

A male client getting massaged by two professionally trained Asian masseuses

Total Tantric…

Tantric is one of the most intensely pleasurable of all massage styles, people that experience tantric orgasmic pleasure are changed for life. You don’t forget your first tantric orgasm; it takes you to a new realm, another realm that is full to the brim with endless sexual excitement. The important thing to remember about tantric is that the lessons you learn during a session can be built and built upon; with each session, you will notice a significant development in your ability to control your sexual energy and to grow it. Like anything, drugs, coffee, alcohol, the body naturally grows a tolerance and you notice that after so long you require more of the drug, coffee alcohol etc. than you initially did to give you the same hit. I’m not saying with tantra the feelings fade but rather your appetite expands and the possibilities of how to go further are opened up to you. If you want to go further, to have a deeper tantric experience then I would absolutely recommend you try tantric four hands. In a tantric four hands session you will experience mind blowing pleasure, given that the two masseuses will be able to take you to a deeper state of relaxation and calm; both working your muscles and tantalising you with their perfect bodies and perfected handwork. Anyone that has ever got tantric four hands will tell you the same; that it is impossible to have the service without feeling reborn. It is a massage that will wake you from the trance of life before and make you the sexual knight you always thought you could be.

A cartoon couple sexually hugging each other which represents the passion in a tantric massage

So next time you are in London and are on the lookout to try a version of four hands massage that gives you that extra pleasure be sure to give Majestic Massage London a call on 07823807648. Open 10 am until 3 am every day of the week, there’s always time to get that life changing massage.


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