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Four reasons why erotic massage is super legal

By May 22, 2019Erotic massage London
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Raring to try our erotic massage Marylebone service but worried the cops are going to burst in mid-frisk? Then don’t fear, erotic massage is as legal as they come – and this is exactly why…

They’re performed in professional massage parlours

Some considerably uneducated people confuse erotic massage parlours for brothels, which is not the case. Brothels often host overworked sex-workers in dark, dingy and overcrowded conditions, this is a far cry from what you will find at an erotic massage parlour. Erotic salons could easily be mistaken for the finest five-star hotel. With plush arrival lounges, state-of-the-art treatment rooms and marble bathing facilities, they really are at the heart of luxury. From the outside, they often don’t advertise massages and are disguised as lavish residences in the city’s finest postcodes. No, this isn’t because erotic massage parlours are breaking the law – but instead to protect clients who often state their wish for a discreet service. To operate as a massage parlour, the business has to apply for a licence, which shows the girls are certified to work in the erotic industry and the parlour meets with strict government guidelines. Erotic massage parlours pay their taxes, just like any other professional company.

The masseuses are certified as licenced therapists

Believe it or not, not anyone can just decide to be an erotic masseuse. Just like being a lawyer or a doctor, erotic therapists have to undergo intensive training before working in the adult industry. Many masseuses often undertake prestigious Tantra training courses in the most elite massaging schools in Asia, before emigrating to the West to start operating in professional parlours. On arrival in the UK, the masseuses have to apply for a massaging licence before working. The British massaging licence shows that the girl is over the age of 21, is trained in massage therapy and is mentally and physically healthy. Once the licence is obtained the therapist is able to choose which massage parlour they would like to work for.

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Two consensual adults can conduct business in any form they want

So I know what you’re thinking, selling massages is absolutely fine but it’s the selling of the erotic elements which is a grey area in the law – however, this isn’t the case at all. Whatever takes place between two consensual adults is entirely their choice and not something the law can ever interfere with. You and your masseuse can get as romantic and passionate or as raunchy and as racy as you both desire, as the fun will never be disturbed in an erotic massage.

Erotic therapists and parlours are super safe

Another reason why erotic massage is super legal is the measures the parlours go to make the session as safe as possible. Due to the nature of their work, erotic therapists have STI screenings on a fortnightly basis and undergo various tests to check-up on their overall health and wellbeing regularly. As a double precaution, protection is worn at all times during all erotic massage services. If you request for the protection to be removed or not to be used more than once you are likely to be black-listed by the parlour.

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Where can I get an erotic massage?

Now we’ve assured you erotic massages are super safe and legal why not take the plunge and book? Here at Majestic Massage London, we serve our clients with more than 10 erotic massage styles which are sure to tease and tantalise you into seventh heaven, including the soothing sensual, toe-curling Tantric and pulse-racing prostate massage. Our highly-trained therapists from China, Japan and Korea are not only insanely talents, but are also ultra-easy on the eye too. With big boobs, slender waists and bouncy booties you’re sure to be weak at the knees – and that’s before the massage has even begun. Choice of girl will always be available by selection on the website or on arrival at the parlour.

Our therapists conduct incall sessions in our various Central London parlours, including South Kensington, Marylebone and Bayswater and outcall erotic massage to various addresses across the city. Pricing starts from just £120 for erotic massage with a happy ending and just £40 extra with full service. Please contact our English-speaking booking agents on 07823807648 to arrange your massage today.

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