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How did a full service massage make me a better lover

By February 21, 2019Full service massage London
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3 Men’s Real Life Stories: How Full Service turned them from Casa-no-sex into Casanovas


Lani, 48.

I was never a ladies man. When I was young I was much more concerned with computer patents and solving maths equations than chatting to girls. I know that sounds cliché but I suppose my lack of exposure to girls does go some way to explain why I never thought I was like a heart-throb. Like any algorithm, you put in all of the data and you get your result. My data was full blown nerd. Nerds don’t get the girls. That being said nerds tend to do well financially. After my PhD, I built my own business empire and made quite the fortune. It was then that I figured I would have a chance with women. I was right; after not so long I met Janet. Now I knew Janet wouldn’t have looked twice at me without my success, there’s no point pretending. I knew Janet was with me because of the lifestyle I could provide for her. That being said, I was actually a total fool to think like this. I took our relationship for granted and never made much effort. Eventually, she got bored of me and we broke up. It was during this break up that I realised I needed to change my attitude. You can’t just rely on financial success; women want a man that can perform.

Sexually I was not an expert and I was once upon a time, a little disinterested in developing my sexual prowess… this all changed when I started getting erotic massages.

After Janet left me I was a little bit out of sorts and a colleague recommended I got a massage to de-stress,  so I went to a parlour in London and tried tantric with full service.

Now I know people say this a lot but it really is true that it’s only after you’ve broken up with someone you begin to truly understand them.  Whilst getting a tantric massage I discovered edging techniques and how you can build pleasure. To be honest I’d never given much thought about whether Janet was enjoying herself sexually or whether I was properly pleasuring her. I guess I had issues with not being embarrassed about sex – visiting the erotic massage parlour a couple of times completely resolved this, opening me up to learn and experiment. I developed, let’s just say that.

Part of me just wished I’d done it sooner – got the proper sex education if you like that I’d been missing my whole life.

Fortunately, I happened to bump into Janet some months later at a friend’s wedding. She was taken aback by my new found charm and after talking and dancing together at the wedding she agreed to go for a coffee.

I took my chance and over coffee told her that I had changed and realised the error of my ways; she said she would give me another shot. Later that week I took her on a date – not something lavish like I would have previously chosen but somewhere modest. I relied on my charisma and charm to ensure she had a good time and she did. That night I made love to her like I could have never imagined doing before getting the full service massages. As you can imagine, Janet was blown away. I think she fell in love with me that night, and I knew I loved her too.

We’ve now been married for 6 years and have two wonderful children.

I’m sharing this because I want other nerdy men to wake up and be the Casanova’s their ladies deserve!

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David, 32.

I think I had a fear of women! Honestly, I did. I mean I didn’t fear my mother and not to sound harsh but I suppose I never really saw her as a woman. She was something else altogether; a different kettle of fish. I was really small in school, and had been since I was born – I wasn’t premature or anything just thin and short haha. Then puberty hit me pretty late, so all of the girls I was in school with only ever saw me as a bit of a weakling.  

When I got to University a really strange thing happened… On campus one day a girl came up to me and asked if I would model some clothes for an assignment she had. I was taken aback and obliged. After that, I was getting inundated by people on her course and around to take my picture. Then one of the shots was chosen for some exhibition at London fashion week – before I knew it by the end of first year I was put on sabbatical because of my hectic modelling schedule. I’d be flying to Paris, Milan, LA… My life totally changed.

That being said I had still never been intimate with a woman. Despite all the advances I started getting terrified and I thought I wouldn’t know what to do. I was scared that anyone I would date, and I suppose sleep with, would see through the whole “modelling” thing and see I was just a lame kid from Middlesbrough that had never even kissed a girl; my nerves were shot.

I’ll admit, during this period of success and fame, I felt more isolated than ever. The fact that Mr not-hot was suddenly splashed over magazines all over the world was too much for me and resulted in this all-consuming feeling of isolation. Isolation and depression; I was miserable.

One night I got talking with a fellow model and he said my story wasn’t uncommon. He said I should go and get a full service massage. At that point I was contemplating jumping off a tall building, I’d do anything. So I went to one in London, an Asian erotic massage parlour.

How was it? I’m sure you’re all dying to know- and honestly? It was the perfect anecdote.

The session started with a deep tissue massage; which chilled me out so much. Like I felt calm for the first time in ages- calm without drugs or booze. It was mind blowing. Then we started to get intimate and I started to feel things I never did, I was being aroused and I just went with it.

The masseuse taught me a lot that day and her level of professionalism was deeply appreciated.

I left the parlour feeling like a new man, and in a sense, I suppose I was. I felt happier, more confident and for the first time in what felt like forever I didn’t feel afraid- no no, fearless is how I felt. I suddenly felt excited about all the opportunities in front of me, I wanted to take them by the horns; all of them!

Some 4 months after that I met Julia, a very beautiful woman from France who was working in Madrid as an illustrator. I’d had various flings since my full service massage but no one that stole my heart like Julia. We’ve been together for  4 years and I plan to propose sometime this year. She’s my other half, no question. And you know what? I’m not sure I’d have even asked her out if I didn’t have the confidence that the full service massage gave me.

Any guys out there reading this; don’t be embarrassed and suffer in silence as I did… live today.

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Eric, 45

My first girlfriend got into a car crash on the night that we slept together for this first time. She was in a coma for almost a week and died.  I wasn’t in the car with her when it happened but in my 17 year old head, I associated what happened with what we did. We grew up in a very Catholic, conservative area and having sex before marriage was considered a sin – I put two and two together and put the blame on myself.

As you can probably imagine this made me not want to have sex again. I didn’t want anyone else to get hurt. This went on for years until I was about 23/24 and a friend told me he’d had enough. He booked me in for a full service erotic massage and I dutifully went along. It was only after going and having a beautiful sensual encounter with a beautiful Asian masseuse that I learnt sex was something to be enjoyed, not feared. This realisation totally changed my life and made me wake up and take the world by the balls.

I would thoroughly recommend going and getting full service to anyone with a complicated relationship with sex- or actually anyone in general. I’d recommend it to everyone haha.


If you have a similar experience you would like to share please feel free to get in touch and you might even make it in next month’s edition.


Thanks to everyone who shared their full service massage London experiences this month. Let’s carry on the discussion!

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