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How to give your partner an authentic Lingam massage

By December 26, 2018Lingam massage London
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If it’s date night or a special someone’s birthday, massage is an obvious go-to to spice up your night before the sexy parts. But we’re about to take your evening of sizzling romance to higher levels of intimacy by talking about everything to do with Lingam massage. So what is Lingam massage you may ask? Well, when translated into English from Latin, Lingam means ‘wand of light’ and is a massage which pays attention to the manhood. Tantra ideologies suggest the penis to be the most sacred area of the male body and by that, it should be worshipped. One of the ways to do this is by massage.

Due to its hugely sexual nature, Lingam is one of the most superior massages offered in the erotic world and the good news is that it can be easily practiced at home. However, to make the most of your Lingam session it’s important to plan and not perform the session off-the-cuff. We have enlisted everything you need to give your partner the perfect authentic Lingam massage. You can thank us later!

1.  Set the scene

You wouldn’t host a birthday party without laying out banners and balloons and you wouldn’t turn up to your dentist appointment without brushing your teeth, so you certainly shouldn’t start your Lingam massage without setting the scene. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the perfect romantic setting, but if rose petals scattered on the bed are not you and your partner’s thing then you needn’t worry, there are other ways to transform your bedroom into an intimate haven. Dim the lighting and place candles around the room. A bonus tip is to use scented candles which have jasmine, lavender and chamomile aromas which not only smell good but also have relaxing properties too.  This is great when combined with Lingam massage. Also, do ensure you find a soft and gentle playlist, which will last the whole duration of your sexy encounter – the last thing you want to do is to have to get up and change the music mid-massage. Also, remove all distractions (phones, laptops etc) from the room, this is your chance to really woo your lover – and there’s less chance of you doing this if you’re interrupted.

Lots of candles which can be used to set the scene when you give your partner a lingam massage

2. Stock up on copious amounts of oil (and lube!)

To perform a super authentic Lingam massage having plenty of oil and lube is a must. Your partner (and their manhood) can only enter the deepest state of euphoria if they’re generously lubricated. Ensure you warm the oil using your hands before drizzling all over your partner’s back. Use effleurage (long, gliding and gentle strokes) to rub the oil all over their body starting from the less sensitive areas, before edging closer and closer to their intimate zones. Ensure the whole experience is unrushed. The longer it takes for you to navigate yourself to their penis the more immensely pleasurable the strokes will feel. Once you have found your way to their manhood reach for the lube and use your hands and mouth to lather all over. What comes next is the choice of you and your partner, but for the full thrills, it’s rude not to include sex as the euphoric finale of a Lingam massage. It promises the most mind-blowing orgasms EVER. You’ll certainly be in the good books with your dearest!

Two bottles of massage oil

3. Be experimental

Getting frisky with a Lingam massage is the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to be experimental. Role-play is one of the biggest turn-ons you can use, so why not dress as a saucy masseuse, naughty nurse or a sexy housemaid for your man? Their penis is guaranteed to be excited before the massage has even begun! If you’re feeling a little more daring then you could always include prostate massage (a cheeky little finger up the behind) or rimming as part of your session. The more adventurous you and your partner get, the more fun you’ll have. Being naughty is SO good.

A woman in sexy handcuffs

4. Have lots of towels to hand

It’s not just oil and lube that will be flowing when you’re getting jiggy with a Lingam massage, bodily fluids are likely to go everywhere too. Oil and lube run the risk of staining your sheets, pillows and carpets. Therefore to avoid this, do ensure you lay down plenty of towels around your massaging area. You can also use the towels to cover your partner’s body, before slowly sexually unravelling to tease new parts of their body. This is sure to increase the sexual tension of the massage.

A bunch of massage towels with a rose placed on top of them

5. Take a shower together to end

An authentic Lingam massage is overwhelmingly relaxing and unrushed, therefore you should take the opportunity to include as many elements as possible – and the perfect way to end the orgasmic experience is an assisted shower. Guide your partner to the bathroom and begin to lather their whole body with soap, this will feel tremendously sensual and cleanse them after getting hot and steamy.  It’ll also help the muscles to cool off after your seductive encounter.

A woman in a shower after giving her partner a lingam massage

Experience Lingam massage for yourself!

If you want to experience our authentic Lingam massage London service yourself but don’t have a special someone to showcase the luscious massage to then don’t panic, we have specialised Lingam therapists who offer the service from just £120 per hour. We are based in the heart of Marylebone and also offer outcall to Zones 1, 2 and 3. Just give us a call on 07823807648. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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