London Outcall Massage Rules

Due to Our reputation, being one of the premium London outcall massage service providers, we endeavour to respect our clients and we want to deliver the finest service to our clients – the best outcall sensual massage.

Please continue reading to learn some rules about our outcall massage services, to ensure the protection of our beautiful outcall masseuses and to make sure we can offer you a top quality outcall service.

  • Please be aware of the London traffic, if you want to book for a rush hour period try and book in advance, allowing us at least 1 hour period to organise and deliver your massage girl.
  • For safety purposes you can appreciate every time one of our Oriental Masseuse goes from the Asian Tantric Massage parlour to provide an outcall (out call) massage. Our Oriental Masseuse will inform us as where she is going, who she will be with, doing what and the time our Oriental Masseuse should be returning. If you do not disclose your name, phone number and full address Our Oriental Masseuse will not be sent to you. We are aware of the importance of privacy and will never pass it on.
  • Every time Our Oriental Masseuse goes on an out call massage, for her it is like a blind date but not for you, you have seen our masseuse gallery, you have Asian Tantric Massage number and you know where we are located; your appearance doesn’t matter, however it is important to us that Our Oriental Masseuse has the other information. It is just a matter of being profession. We would not dream of Our Oriental Masseuse searching for Asian Tantric Massage client somewhere on a back road, or arranging a meeting at a train station, a quiet corner behind shops etc… you never know when those meeting places will start including dark alleys!
  • Why, you may ask, do Our Oriental Masseuse require a name with an out call massage when going to my hotel? Come on, it is safe! Well, we have to check your address and even your hotel room before Our Oriental Masseuse has left Asian Tantric Massage Parlour to confirm the place where the service will be. Our Oriental Masseuse will call the hotel and hang up because usually hotels redirect calls to their guests so if the call matches the name, we can send our girl without worries. Saying this, typically I’m not stopped at reception at any hotel but, just on the off chance, it is best if Our Oriental Masseuse has your name so it appears to the hotel that Our Oriental Masseuse can say that she is only visiting her friend, and this way it is more anonymous for you. Our Oriental Masseuse destroy any personal information of Asian Tantric Massage customers so everything is safe for you.
  • Education and good manners are priority for us. Maybe you will find it weird but our well trained masseuses always demonstrate good manners and behave appropriate. Providing your mobile number ensures the girl feels assured and safe if anything happens. Our Oriental Masseuse keeps the service as professional as possible but also very down to earth.
  • Oriental Masseuse have too much to loose so all rules have to be met in Asian Tantric Massage. Clients can be rude and ask inappropriate questions but out Oriental masseuse will always follow Asian Tantric Massage rules and respond with professionalism. Asian Tantric Massage only employs the most professional Oriental Masseuse. It also comes with respecting the client, it works both ways. Oriental masseuse knows how to respect the client and how to pleasure him.
  • Perhaps this post might appear tough, sorry about that, it really is not Asian Tantric Massage objective, Our Oriental Masseuse just want to bring some points up; it is Asian Tantric Massage priority that the girls are protected and no one is going to disrupt this. Our Oriental Masseuse rules are based on the experience of years of London Outcall Massage and taking from other masseuses bad experiences as well. So please respect Asia Tantric Massage rules.
  • We offer a variety of sensual massages for outcall, please let us know which massage you desire when arranging an appointment. If you would like Massage in canary wharf please give at least an hour notice. The same when it comes to Massage in Heathrow.

We strive to deliver you the best Outcall Tantric Massage service , so please treat our service well