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Men’s Health, a mini-series.

By March 20, 2019Tantric massage London
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The topic this week: Suicide survivors reveal how our tantric massage Marylebone services saved them from the brink – and took them to the edge of orgasm instead.

This week in order to celebrate the plight against male depression and the secret killer (silence) we have decided to open the floor to a range of men who – even though on the outside they may seem completely different and not at all like each other, share one profound and moving similarity: they all combatted their mental health issues through the practice of tantric massage.

How can our tantric massage Marylebone services benefit you?

For those that do not know what tantric massage is let me illuminate it for you… tantric massage is a form of tantra – that is to say one of the most sacred forms of massage available in the erotic massage world. Tantric massage can not only be heavily sensual and appeal to those wanting a sexually enhanced massage style.

The interesting thing about tantra that I discovered was that this massage style is much more spiritual than any other erotic massage style on the market. This ‘spiritual side’ is why many men choose this style as a means to combat issues to do with mental restoration and healing.

I mean I could go on and on until the cows come home about how effective tantric massage can be for your mental health but really I think the best way to show you what it delivers would be by showing you real life examples. That’s right I have finally sourced some willing and open clients that not only enjoy the immediate benefits of tantra massage but who also recognise the direct benefits getting into tantric has had on their mental health.

Now of course everyone’s case is different and I’m not saying you will see a situation exactly the same as yours but I have chosen men from all walks of life in the hope of proving just how diverse and applicable tantric healing is. Now let’s get started, shall we?

First up we have Tyler, I met Tyler almost two years ago now. He came to see me in the parlour in Marylebone and we quickly hit it off and grew a strong report with each other. I always believe in complete openness in my sessions as I believe – especially with tantric this is effective. Some clients do not desire to communicate much during the session but not Tyler. His story really connected with me on a deep level and I hope you can take something from it too.

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Tyler, 26, East London.

I have had a fairly turbulent adult life. I wouldn’t say it’s been a tragedy, I mean most people would look at my life with envy or something like that. I achieved what some see as the unachievable. My band proved to be a success and I spent most of my early twenties touring, travelling the world, boxed up in recording studios and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous – I mean I was invited to Elton John’s New Year’s party two years running.  So yeah, you could say I was doing pretty well. See but the thing was, I wasn’t ever really that big on music – or playing it. I didn’t have a vision or really want to ‘touch people’- that was our lead singers thing. We were friends from when we were young and I guess I just got taken on the ride.

Really in my heart, I mean I was embarrassed to say this for a long time, but in my heart of hearts, all I’ve ever wanted is a stable home life. It doesn’t matter what job I’ve got but a wife and a house and a dog and a baby to call my own; that’s all I need.

Life on the road had its toll on me and the loneliness and abuse to my body left me quietly withdrawn. This all came to a head when our lead singer got killed in a car accident. The thing is it could’ve been me. He wanted us both to go back to these girls apartment one night – for sex, there was no question of it being for another reason. I didn’t feel like it and went home.

After the incident not only did I feel sad about my friend and at a loss for where my life would head next but I also suffered some PTSD. This manifested in me not being able to enjoy or follow through with sex. I was a mess and my mind was all over the place.

I don’t know where I’d be now if I hadn’t found tantric massage.  I might even be dead? Basically, after my first session with Yoyo, it was as if my mind began to slow down, it was as though my whole body became calm. I feel as though tantra is like a more powerful form of yoga, it allowed me to breathe again, to connect with my thoughts in a slower more rational way – but more than anything it allowed me to open my heart; both to others and to myself. I’m eternally grateful to tantric for getting me back on track.

Chris, 25, Suffolk.

I have suffered with body issues for as long as I can remember. I mean you wouldn’t guess it from seeing me on the outside… I’m well built, tall, fair features and a charming smile. What I’m trying to say is that it’s not exactly hard for me to find a girl that’s interested.

The problem I had was with my dick – the size of it specifically. It’s really quite small and it’s given me severe anxiety, re: having sex. I’ve never been able to enjoy sex because I’ve felt so embarrassed- making it hard for me to get hard and to stay hard.

I’ve had girlfriends in the past but nothing ever stuck. I used to think that was because of the size of my dick but now I’ve come to realise it was because of how I saw it.

Since I began my journey into tantra I have become much more body confident. I have learnt that my whole body is sacred and that there is plenty my little member can do. I think learning to become in touch with my body and to endure the slow building of sexual pleasure revolutionised sex for me. Sex is so much more than penetration and without the art of tantra, I don’t think I would have ever learnt that.

Tantric is not only massively enjoyable but it also completely ridded my body of dark thoughts and anxiety. Post – tantric I feel like a new man. I feel mentally healthy, confident and excited about sex!

An Asian masseuse lay down in her underwear wearing black handcuffsDanny, 48, Harrow.

After a car accident, I suffered a severe spinal injury. It was a long time before I got most of the sensation back. Both my upper and lower halves were affected and it was a struggle for a long time.

My genitals were one of the last things to regain sensation. My doctor said this was fairly normal and that a lot of it was down to confidence. I was disgruntled by this and did not take his position seriously – in that he believed my mental health would have been affected by the crash and in so meaning my sexual drive would be minimised.

After a gruelling few months with no success, I decided to try tantric. Amazingly being in a situation that really allowed me to focus on each part of my body and every sensation that came with it; meaning that I felt this intense rush of sexual pleasure.

I don’t know whether I would have been interested in tantric before the accident but I’m sure as hell happy I did discover it. It has touched and changed my life in such a profound way. I’m better for it, absolutely.

Kirky, 27, Lewisham.

Everyone’s got a hobby right? A hobby is supposed to be good for your mental health, keep your heart ticking and your head clicking. My hobby is tantric massage – I’m it’s biggest fan. If tantric massage was a rock band I’d try and go to every one of their shows- hell I’d even pay extra for meet and great. It’s changed my life, gave me the gift of… the gift of happiness. And brother, you might think that’s kind of a lame thing to say but to that, I say you’re lame. You know, go get yourself a hobby, maybe then you’ll stop judging whatever anyone else does to make them happy, sheeesh.

Tune in next time for more stories from our clients. If you or anyone you know might like to share their tantric story be sure to email us and who knows – maybe yours will feature next month.

Until then, happy massage!



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