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New Year, New Me – Why I Started My Year with Erotic Massage

By February 1, 2019Erotic massage London
An erotic massage therapist lay on a bed with a bunch of roses

Life can become a monotonous cycle of eat, sleep, work, repeat. So when we start the New Year it’s likely we’ll aim to try new things. After reading about the wonders of erotic massage I decided to start the year with a bang (literally) and booked a session. While it may seem a little out of the box there were so many reasons to get an erotic massage, which went beyond me just being horny.

As a 56 year old divorced male, my sex-life has seen better days. I’m not going to go out and ‘pull’ in a bar or scan Tinder to find a mid-week hookup. A friend mentioned I tried an erotic massage and it seemed the most obvious choice. It certainly was SO much better than any casual sex I’ve ever had before.

What happened when I arrived for my erotic massage London service?

Arriving at the parlour, I was greeted by three beautiful 20-something ladies who were to be the masseuses. You’d think this would be a little daunting, but the girls were extremely friendly, helpful and attentive – all of my nerves were put to one side.

After being showered in champagne and small talk, I was given the choice of who I wanted to have a massage with. I certainly felt like a kid in a candy shop. Big boobs are my thing, so I decided to go with Candy who had the perkiest set I had ever seen. She took hold of my hand and guided me to her private treatment room.

Well what I can say, her treatment room wasn’t like anything you’ve seen in a traditional massage clinic. Forget a small massage table and some dreary dolphin music playing in the background, Candy’s room had it all. A plush four-poster bed, Jacuzzi bath in the corner and a walk-in shower – you could easily mistake the place for London’s most luxurious five-star hotels.

She took my coat and began to undress me. I was then navigated to the bed as she began to give me my own individual strip-tease. I felt more empowered than James Bond as one of the hottest girls I had ever laid eyes on paraded around me in all her naked glory.

An Asian massage therapist standing in the streetHow did an erotic massage help me personally?

As a middle-aged divorcee, it’s fair to say my confidence in the bedroom had taken a tumble. My once six-pack had turned into man boobs and a beer belly – my body hang-ups made me avoid getting frisky for years. However, Candy was a miracle worker and transformed my confidence into a stallion. She showered me in compliments as her hands raced all over my body. I had never felt as content.

I knew the sexier bits were to come and as I’d not had sex in a long time, I was a little concerned I wasn’t going to last longer than 30 seconds. However, this was completely not the case. Candy used a technique known as edging, which delays the orgasm for the most glorious pleasure. As I was climaxing to the point of no return, she would navigate her hands to another part of my body and then repeated the strokes again. Of course, the orgasm came and boy it felt amazing, there are no words to describe the tantalising sensations which raced down my spine. I was in heaven.

Candy invited me to carry on the fun in the shower, which of course I accepted. She pressed her flawless body against my bare skin as the warm water soaked us into ecstasy. I had to pinch myself, this didn’t feel like reality.

I slipped Candy a generous tip and made my way down the busy streets of London smiling more than a Cheshire cat. It felt exhilarating that I’d just had the time of my life and it was my little secret. No grief, no hassle and no one to answer to. I had the erotic massage bug, I wanted to book more and more.

That’s just what I did – and the whole thing got better and better. I quickly learnt the more times you come for an erotic massage, the more health benefits you absorb. As someone who is getting older, this is exactly what I needed. My immune system was boosted, my back pain was taken away and all of my stresses were eliminated. Erotic massage can nurse just about any health problem – who needs copious visits to the doctors?

Erotic massage may have just been something to kick-start by New Year with, but now it’s something that has a prominent place on my schedule. Whenever I’m in London for business or for pleasure I always take the opportunity to visit Majestic Massage London for some seductive thrills and company. Their erotic massage London service spiced up my once lonely life and it could do the same for you too.

It’s been a pleasure sharing my story and can’t wait to hear yours too,

Danny x

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