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Nine tantalising tips for booking a luscious Lingam massage

By March 5, 2019Lingam massage London
A masseuse taking off a male clients jeans

Why should you consider getting a lingam massage?

If you’re looking to give yourself (and your manhood) a thrilling time then a sensual Lingam massage has your name written all over it. Lingam therapists treat the male genitalia as a ‘wand of light’ and with that ideology in mind, should be worshipped – they do this by massage. As the years go by, Lingam flourishes as a popular choice for erotic massage clients, so if you want to jump on the Lingam bandwagon then do bear in mind our nine tips.

Do give the parlour some notice

While most Lingam parlours advise you not to book weeks in advance, it is important to give the parlour a bit of notice before just showing up. This guarantees you to be allocated your first choice of girl, as well as ensuring your massage commences as soon as you arrive at the parlour. The last thing you want to be doing is knocking about waiting for a masseuse to become available when you’re enduring slight first-time nerves.A calendar lay on a deskWash your d*** beforehand

Come on guys, good hygiene is common courtesy – so washing your manhood is a must before coming for a Lingam massage. If your balls are smelly or sweaty the therapists are less inclined to show you a good time.  Erotic massage parlours understand that the majority of their clientele have hectic schedules and thereby may struggle to nip home to wash. However, don’t worry, the parlours are equipped with shower facilities, with complimentary towels and soaps which are free for clients to use before or after their massage.

Have a light snack one hour before

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing a more of a turn-off than a grumbling tummy when you’re trying your best to be sexy. To avoid this, do eat a healthy snack before your Lingam appointment. Our recommendations are bananas or raisins, which will fuel your energy without lying too heavy on your stomach. However, do avoid any stodgy foods as this is likely to make your bodily functions go wild – you don’t want to be letting off smelly farts when you’re getting frisky!A bunch of nutsDo turn up 10 minutes before your session

Turning up a little earlier than your allocated time slot is a must. This gives you time to select your therapist (if not done beforehand), discuss your preferences and to undress before your massage. Arriving just on time or even slightly late runs the risk of these protocols eating into your assigned appointment time. Lingam therapists are busy ladies, they don’t have time to wait around for you. Do note, that arriving more than 15 minutes late risks your session being cancelled completely.

Do bring ID

Lingam massage parlours have a ‘Question 25’ policy, where they will ID anyone who looks under the age of 25. The minimum age to get a Lingam massage is 18, so if you’re concerned you may not look of age then do slip your driving licence, identification card or even passport into your back pocket, it may save you from being turned away.Two passports with a wooden stamp placed on top of themDon’t feel pressured to get naked straight away

For many of us, getting naked in front of a stranger is pretty nerve-wracking. However, with a Lingam massage you are not required to strip completely nude straight away. The therapists are more than happy to undress you to your comfort level throughout the massage. They will also always use towels to cover areas you don’t want to be exposed.

Be body confident

Lingam massage is a wonderworker at building body confidence, it’s based on the ideology that all male bodies are a temple and should be worshipped. With this in mind, you shouldn’t feel insecure about the size of your manhood, the shape of your moobs or your growing beer belly. The therapists are there to please and pleasure you, you’ll probably leave the parlour feeling like the ultimate sex-God, not your average Joe.A half naked man who is stood up holding his hands on his headAlways be respectful

While the therapists are there to attend to your needs using the art of Tantra and seduction, you need to be respectful at all times. Many Lingam therapists are open to extras, whether that being reverse oral or the full service. If you want to indulge in something extra, do make the request at the beginning of the session, going ahead with an extra without the consent of the masseuse is likely to make you blacklisted from the Lingam parlour.

Feel free to tip

It’s common courtesy to tip your Lingam therapist if they’ve done a good job. The norm is to tip 10 per cent of your massage fee if you are satisfied with your sultry service. If you’re known at the parlour for being a generous tipper the therapists are more inclined to up their game and give you an even better experience next time you book. Therefore, tipping at a Lingam massage parlour is a solid investment for you.A five pound English note with some change placed on top of itBook your Lingam massage today

Now we’ve filled your brain with everything there is to know about Lingam massage then why not arrange yours with us today? Our five star Lingam massage is available for incall and outcall across London, costing from as little as £120 per hour. Our delicious team of Chinese, Japanese and Korean therapists can’t wait to get their hands on you (and your manhood!) There’s only one thing left for you to do, that’s call our booking line of course on 07823807648!

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