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Nuru massage therapy – From the experience of a masseuse

By August 1, 2019Nuru massage London
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What is a Nuru massage?

When many people hear the words “Nuru Massage” they picture a soothing massage by their partner or relaxing spa day somewhere in the countryside which is correct. However, a Nuru massage has an erotic twist to it and it is a highly unique experience that is especially designed to pleasure your mind, body and soul. To put it simply, during a Nuru session the masseuse will use her whole naked body to rub against yours in a body-to-body styled motion using a special type of gel that is made from Nori Seaweed and other natural extracts. The gel enables the masseuse to slip and slide over your body easily, which is fitting because the word “Nuru” translates into the English word for “slippery.” The intimate contact of both participants’ bodies provides high levels of relaxation and pleasure, especially to sensitive areas such as the penis and vagina. Founded in Japan, the Nuru massage therapy trend has spread globally and has quickly become one of the most sought after erotic massage services in the U.K.

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Yoki – My Story

“Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, is a phrase that is known globally, yet so many of us struggle to find this balance throughout our lives and it is something I certainly struggled to attain for many years. Although I have worked in the field of erotic massage therapy for nine years, my profession as an erotic masseuse was not something I enjoyed until I found my passion for performing Nuru massage therapy.”

“Growing up in a Christian household in a remote area in England, with strict parents and over ambitious siblings, I always felt quite trapped. My hunger for freedom, exploring and experiencing new things is what fuelled my decision to travel to Asia once I finished high school. While travelling across Japan towards the end of my trip, I began to run out of money and became quite anxious about returning back to the U.K; therefore I took up a job as an erotic masseuse in Osaka. I began with basic therapeutic massage therapy training, learning about the different points of the body and how to relieve pressure or tension in those areas along with some basic theory. Once I was able to perform therapeutic massage therapy, I was taught how to add an erotic twist to my sessions, using methods such as the happy ending and lingam massage. I performed these massages for around two years but it felt extremely mundane. Growing up in a Christian household, although I do not practice this faith anymore, I have still remained a very spiritual person and I felt that these massage styles were lacking that deep human connection even though they were very intimate. This made me consider ending my profession as an erotic masseuse even though I had worked hard for two years and was one of the most highly paid masseuses in the city.”

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“However, a colleague introduced me to Nuru massage therapy and suddenly my passion for erotic massage therapy made me feel like I had a purpose as a masseuse. For many people a Nuru massage may simply be an experience for pleasure, and although most of my customers initially come to my massage parlour seeking it for these reasons, they always return for a different purpose. Nuru massage therapy gives the customer a sense of relaxation, pleasure, calmness and helps them to not only reconnect with their partner but with themselves also. Due to the intimate nature of this massage style, they naturally help bond people together and provide you with an experience that other massages cannot. This is not a surprise as Japanese culture view the Nuru massage as a spiritual journey, rather than a one dimensional massage style.”

“One of the most intriguing things about a Nuru massage is the copious amounts of benefits it has for your health. Most of our customers have said that after their session they feel a boost in their mind, body and soul and are met with an overall sense of well-being and health. It has helped them with combatting nerves, stress, anxiety and depression as well as physical issues such as muscle tension, back pain and erectile dysfunction. The special Nuru gel locks in and moisturizes the skin and has helped many people with skin conditions such as eczema.”

“Being a Nuru masseuse provides me with happiness as I am able to witness how it helps my customers in so many ways. Not only does it make them feel good mentally and physically but it also helps me with my daily struggles and gives me inner-peace.”

If you are based in Central London and would like to book a Japanese Nuru massage please contact us via SMS, phone call or email. We are open daily from 10 am until 3 am and provide both incall and outcall services to our customers. Our masseuses are all highly trained and skilled individuals. Call 07823807648 to book your Nuru massage today!

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