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One Couple, one product, one night to save their love life

By December 6, 2018Nuru massage London
A couple kissing during sunset

Many couples find themselves stuck in a rut. They become comfortable, distracted, perhaps even bored of their other half. We challenged couples on the edge of domestic detachment to have a go at saving their relationships from the fires of complacency through ancient Asian techniques of erotic massage. That’s right, erotic massage is an Eastern tradition that preserves passion and instils a deeper sense of love and connection between the two parties.

One of the main changes within Western society in recent years is the national average of marriage and long lasting relationships. In the age of instant gratification and short term satisfaction maintaining a relationship with one person for a significant amount of time can be extremely difficult.  People in the West struggle to stay on one task; when was the last time you read a book, watched a tv series all the way through? It’s difficult; imagine how difficult it is to experience permanent desire and attraction to one person. Can you imagine it? People in the East can. People in the East have a significantly higher average for lasting marriages and relationships. Why? Because the practice of erotic massage is as intrinsic to Eastern culture as brushing and flossing are to ours.

Listen to your partner’s body

One of the key parts of being a successful erotic masseuse or delivering a quality erotic massage to your partner is listening to their body. Spending time working your partner’s body through massage you will find yourself listening to it, learning to understand it – in a way you will have never done before during regular sexual intercourse. This initial newfound intimacy can bring you closer but proximity is not really the issue with most relationships – if anything it can be the problem.  No the thing missing is the fire. The intense passion that burned once before – this, my friends, is where the Nuru comes in.

A woman teasing her partner during a Nuru massage

Trying Nuru for the first time

Rather than explain to you what a real Nuru massage is like to experience I think the most effective way to prove its power is by getting on with the challenge and SHOW you.

Couple A: Miranda and Kirk Greenwell, Somerset

Miranda: “We’ve been married both once before. We both had children from our previous marriages and truthfully after my divorce I never thought I’d meet anyone. Two years later and I bump into Kirk at a school sports day. We hit it off and well I suppose the rest is history. We’ve been together coming up ten years now – but well… we’ve hit a bit of a brick wall. As I say, I had never expected to meet anybody, I was devoted to my children and that was that. Kirk had felt the same, we were parents first and foremost. I think that’s why we’ve always had issues in the bedroom. We met not as our perhaps sexy younger selves; we met as tired, stressed out parents. We didn’t explore, experiment, we just did it the normal way, you know.  I love my husband very much but without a good sex life surely aren’t we just becoming good friends? I want to be sexually satisfied; I think now that the kids are getting older I am starting to embrace life again. I don’t want to settle; I want to love life and live it to the maximum. That’s why I agreed to the ‘challenge’. It might seem silly to some people but I’ve read up on Chinese medicines and I truly believe the West could learn a thing or two from the East – you know they did write the Karma Sutra! I’m hoping that by trying Nuru with Kirk we will break down some of our barriers and hopefully get a little wild…”

Keith: “I love my wife; don’t know where I’d be without her, honestly. So if she wants to give this a go, I’m up for it! Honestly, think the whole things a bit silly.”

AFTER NURU we spoke to them again…

Miranda: “What can I say? It was… magical. We did it at home. At first, I wasn’t sure about doing it there, because I thought if we were to ever break out of this – unsatisfying sex life; we ought to do it in a new neutral space. Now looking back I’m glad we tried it at home and it actually proves just how powerful Nuru is! We got the Nuru gel online, making sure it was the authentic stuff – proper nori seaweed – as you’d recommended – and I heated it slightly over a bowl and pan (just like you would do to melt chocolate!) not to boiling point but enough so that when it connected with our skin it wouldn’t be freezing!”

“I began by rubbing it over Kirk’s chest and back, it was extremely intimate and I saw a vulnerability in him and honesty that really brought us closer. I played soft soothing music and massaged his back, it was easy to do fluid massage strokes with the help of the gel. He then proceeded to do the same to me. The oil made us both feel amazing, excitable – we felt young again! The way the gel made our skin stick together whilst also allowing us to slide up and down each other was truly amazing. The sex was like nothing I’d experienced before. It was wild, and went on and on- we couldn’t get enough. I had multiple orgasms and I hadn’t had one in what must have been years.”

An Asian masseuse giving a male client an outcall Nuru massage

“I honestly can’t believe how the Nuru gel brought Kirk to life. It gave him a confidence, a dominance I had never seen. He did things I would never have dreamed of. I think perhaps the breaking down of the wall we had up, taking our own guards down really helped – and that wouldn’t have happened without Nuru.”

“We are now booked in for a couples Nuru massage, with a professionally trained, Japanese erotic masseuse. We figured that way we can learn the exact techniques and be able to perform really authentic Nuru massages on each other; I can’t wait!”

Keith: “Yea, yea, it’s really good like. I’ve told all my friends about it and they’re gonna try it with their wives.  I think everyone should try it. I’m an erotic massage convert! What I would say though, is if you are going to try Nuru at home be aware that it can be very messy! I’ve been looking online and you can get specially made sheets for Nuru – I’m gonna invest in one of them! Or else go and get one in a proper parlour, why not eh!

“In regards to sorting out our marriage… would I say trying Nuru got us back on track? I’d be a mug to say it didn’t help a hell of a lot!”

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