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Oooh la la, six reasons why sensual massage is oh so romantic

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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a bit of romance? Whether it’s a weekend away to Paris, a candle-lit dinner or a cosy night in with a takeaway we cannot get enough of it. However, fulfilling your romantic needs as a singleton seems to be pretty impossible, but we can assure you it’s not. Here at Majestic Massage London, we welcome single clients through our doors every day, who love nothing more than to fulfil their romantic needs with our ultra-passionate sensual massage. These are just some of the reasons why our sensual massage services are oh-so-romantic.

The setting is dreamy

Massage parlours go to special efforts to ensure their treatment rooms are super dreamy. Think Valentine’s Day in a luxurious hotel suite and you’ll be on the right lines. Scented candles will be lit in all corners and mood-lighting will be set to your liking. You can even request for rose petals to be laid out on the bed ready for your arrival.

The background music is romantic

Soft slow R&B music and a sensual massage is a better duo than Ant and Dec, so the good news is that erotic massage parlours offer them both together.  Believe us, there’s nothing better than listening to Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get it On while you’re getting jiggy with the girl of your dreams.

A black vinyl record player playing some musicThe session is tailored to just how you like it

The romantic spectrum is so wide, with every individual having different preferences in what gets their love juices flowing. The good news is that sensual therapists are wonderworkers at tailoring the massage to your specific taste. With sensual massage you get the choice of the happy ending and full service package. Happy ending comprises of hand relief, while the full service boasting the more adventurous elements of oral and penetration. Do ensure you arrive at the parlour a few minutes early so you’re able to discuss your romantic preferences and desired package with your masseuse. They will then mould the session just for you.

The whole experience is unrushed

The beauty of sensual massage is that the whole experience is unrushed. The massage will commence with slow and soothing strokes on your less sensitive areas, including the neck, back and shoulders. Not only are the sensations amazing, but they are also great for tackling stress, aches and niggles too. Once your muscles are relaxed the therapist will manoeuvre her way down to the erogenous zones. Embrace your toes curling, your spine shivering and your pulse racing as your gorgeous therapist massages your lingam with her voluptuous lips and soft hands. What comes next is up to you, unless you want a sultry surprise.

A sand drainer on top of a newspaperYou get to build a relationship

Though getting frisky plays a pretty big part, sensual massage isn’t all about getting your end away. Sensual therapists enjoy building a relationship with you and love nothing more than chatting about your day and finding out your interests. Spending time with a sensual escort will feel just like hanging out with a girlfriend, but an extremely hot girlfriend! Many clients often book the same masseuse, as the familiarity makes the massage a touch more romantic.

You can request some naughty extras

Requesting some naughty extras is guaranteed to make the romance in your sensual massage go from zero to 100. Extras vary from anything from sweet vanilla French kissing, to a naughty assisted shower experience and roleplay. Most requests are available from just £20 and need to be discussed with the masseuse before the massage commences.

Oooh la la, book a romantic sensual massage today

With our sensual massage Marylebone services you get to experience sizzling romance, without having the stresses of a relationship – it really is a win win situation! Here at majestic Massage London we proudly offer sensual massage at our lavish Central London parlours and for home-visits across Zone 1, 2 and 3. Our world-class therapists are experts when it comes to the art of Tantra, seduction and romance – and loving nothing more than wooing you into ecstasy with their sensational talents. For one hour (or more) of the crème de la crème of romance and passion contact our booking centre to arrange your sensual session today on 07823807648.

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