Privacy Policy

Asian tantric massage london Check our Privacy Policy!

  • 1. Your erotic massage must be booked at least an hour before
  • 2. When booking a nuru massage, please give about 2 hours as it is messy service that needs extra preparation!.
  • 3. We only outcall massage in London, no other place.
  • 4. When ordering a massage to Heathrow airport, please allow a minimum 3 hours’ as it is far from our place.
  • 5. We never keep any client data at Asian tantric massage.
  • 6. Any correspondents with us are deleted within 24h.
  • 7. We will not get in touch prior to your booking; it is up to you to contact us with any enquiries.
  • 8. Massage information are usually discussed with the girl who is going to provide you the service.
  • 9. You are 100% safe with us.