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By March 28, 2019Prostate massage London
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Experience the thrills of a prostate massage

Prostate massage therapy has taken London by storm over the last year, and not in the medical sense, men are going crazy for it due to the sexual pleasure it can bring. Our customers reached out to us and were very happy that we provided them with the correct information about what a prostate massage entails as well as other customer reviews on how their first prostate massage went. So, we decided to have a bit of fun and release our very own short story based around the theme of prostate massage therapy. What better way to get you in the mood for a session of prostate fun than to read about it…

“Toby Mitchell looked down at the rainy London pathways while he chugged along with his hands buried deep in his pockets. He looked up to the illuminated red sign that flashed ‘Marylebone Convenience Store’ and walked towards the ATM machine. As he used his index finger to type in his bank code his hands were shaking and his heart began to race faster.

Toby had always been very private about certain things in his life and especially intimate things such as his sex life. University was a struggle for him and when all the other guys in his group would brag about sleeping with girls on their course or kissing somebody in the nightclub he would always just smile and nod in appreciation rather than join in. The boys just assumed this was because he was private about this sort of thing but the truth was that he simply had never slept with a girl, or even kissed one as a matter of fact. Toby struggled with self-esteem issues and anxiety which led to him being very socially awkward when it came to romantic connections with girls. He could be friends with them but when it came to progressing onto anything further, he was not able to find the confidence to do so.”

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“Toby wanted to overcome this fear and this is why he was standing at the ATM machine in Marylebone – he was going to have an erotic massage. When he entered the massage parlour his stomach felt tight and his breathing was shorter than usual. He was greeted by a petite Asian woman with the sleekest black hair and brightest eyes, her smile welcoming and cheeky all at the same time. She took his hand, his palms were sweaty, and led him into a private room. Slowly she began to undress him, keeping direct eye contact with him, which surprisingly made him feel at ease rather than exposed. Although this intimacy was new to him he felt at ease and was ready to take this big step in his life. As she continued to undress him, her soft lips caressing the skin on his shoulders and collar bones, he became aroused both mentally and physically. The masseuse lay him down on the bed and gently applied a soft lotion upon his body, using her delicate touch to rub it evenly across his skin. The moment was very relaxing and soothing and for the first time in his life, he felt completely comfortable not just with another person but with himself also.

She rolled him onto his side and rubbed her hands slowly up and down his inner thigh, he expected the next move to be her hand placed around his penis, but she did something completely different. As she kissed her way down his neck, her finger slowly slid inside Toby’s anus, gently and pleasantly. He let out a short sigh of breath and let the masseuse massage his prostate gland while he enjoyed how it was making his body feel like one rush of orgasmic bliss. He knew that this moment was the beginning of something much greater in his life and that was all thanks to a prostate massage.”

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