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Sensual and seductive massage therapy that will drive your partner crazy

By November 13, 2018Sensual massage London
A couple about to passionately kiss one another

Why should you give your partner a sensual massage?

Massages, no matter if they are at a spa or massage parlour, can be pretty damn arousing, in particular – sensual massages. They are the perfect way to pleasure your partner in a relaxing yet sexualised way and help you both rekindle the love. They give you the chance to have a passionate and sensual session, exploring your partner’s body and finding out all of their sensitive spots.

Not only are sensual massages highly erotic and bring a lot of pleasure they are also amazing for your health. They can combat mental health issues such as anxiety, stress and worry. Therefore, you could be your partner’s knight in shining armour and help them tackle these problems. Not only will your partner feel amazing both mentally and physically but you will also feel incredible for giving them such a gift.

However, so many of us do not know exactly how to perform a sensual massage on our partners, therefore I am here to give you all those details so you can be one step closer to being a pro!


Step 1 – Their face

Using two of your fingers from each of your hands, gently press down on their temples whilst using a rotating movement. Keep this movement going simultaneously and in a gentle but steady rhythm, while looking deep into their eyes to create a connection with your lover. After a while, slowly glide your fingers to the top of their head and caress the back of their head and their scalp. This will help remove any tension they may be experiencing both physically and mentally. Slowly move your hands down to their cheekbones and jawline and hold their head in your palms, pull them closer and give them a long and sensual kiss. While you pull away, hold your eye contact with them and without saying anything let them know that you are going to take care of them.


Step 2 – Their neck

Slowly bring your hands down to their neck, using the tips of your fingers to massage out any tensions or knots. Focus primarily on the back of the neck and use your knuckles to push out further tension. However, to make this sensual, you should use your lips and tongue to arouse your partner. Gently kiss up and down their neck, and use the tip of your tongue to roll up and down their side of their neck and the bottom of their earlobes. You can also nibble the bottom of their ear or their neck to arouse them even further and let them know you mean business!

Step 3 – Their Lower back

Get your partner to lie down on the bed fully naked on their stomach so you have access to their back. Gently pour some scented oils on the palm of your hands and begin to soak it into their lower back, reaching the top of their buttocks and their sides. Acupuncturists believe that the kidneys, found along the lower back right above the waist, are a source of sexual energy, therefore you should really focus on this area of the back. Use the tips of your fingers, gently but firmly, releasing pressure and tension. Sit on their back and make sure you have as much access to their body as possible. While you are working on their back you could also continue to kiss their neck or kiss down on their back. Kneading is a brilliant way to help work on muscle tension and pain which will be a huge relief and also make them extremely aroused.


Step 4 – Their upper back/shoulders

Pour oil onto your palms and use your whole hands to knead your partner’s upper back and shoulders. This will be extremely relaxing for them and you can send them into a state of bliss and happiness. It is extremely soothing for them and they will feel so calm and open to you touching them in more sensitive areas of their body.

A couple passionately kissing during a sensual massage

Step 5 – Their genitals

This is where the sensual massage turns truly exciting for you and your partner. You should take your time and make it as relaxed and calm as possible. There is no need to rush because you should enjoy each moment. Worship their genitals and make them feel amazing about themselves. Focus on their breathing and their movement to see what they like and repeat the movement if it seems positive. Keep a steady pace and work up a momentum, finally bringing them to an amazing climax. This climax will not be like any other orgasm they have experienced, it should feel a lot more intense and longer lasting for your partners.


Sensual massages are incredible and will bring you and your partner closer together. You will learn so much about your body and your partner’s body and together you can bathe in each other’s happiness.

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