Two Asian masseuses sat back to back and offering 4 hands massages for incall and outcall

What Exactly Are Our 4 Hands Massage London Services Like?

4 hands massage is like no other massage therapy; it’s incomparable to any other professional massage style and will give you the ultimate pleasure experience.  To put it simply, a four hands massage involves getting massaged by two masseuses simultaneously – as its name suggests, this massage will involve you having four hands kneading and applying pressure to your bare skin. The masseuses will work in a synchronised method that requires a high skill set. The magic of four hands is that once the masseuses begin you will be so engulfed in pleasure that you won’t be able to recognise one hand from the next.  This unusual sensation of total body pleasure is an experience you will never forget, why? Because the masseuses work at a speed so fast that every part of your body; from the back of your neck to the tips of your toes will feel electric. This mind bending massage technique has been crafted over hundreds of years and was designed to reach both sides of the brain – opening the mind to complete pleasure, eliminating any distractions and giving the client complete focus. One of the other exciting things about four hands is that you can blend it with any other hand massage style; for instance, you can get a four hands lingam massage, a four hands tantric massage, a four hands prostate massage, etc. By opting for four hands you are opting for the most intensely pleasurable massage out there. Clients experience deep massage relief as well as intense sexual ecstasy at the hands of a four hands massage.  If you are seeking a full body massage outside of the day to day standard styles, if you are looking for a massage style that will inevitably lead to an intensified orgasm experience.


How to get the most out of a 4 hands massage?

To fully appreciate the beauty of this wonderful massage style you should imagine feeling completely calm, picture all of your worries and stresses melting away, as your muscles relax, your bodily tensions ease and your sexual drive slowly increases, a little bit at a time… once you reach the point of ejaculation you will find that your body is in a state of euphoric bliss already, that moment of release will feel like a second wave of bliss washing over you – you will have felt like you had already reached complete ecstasy and then on release you will be hit with the tidal wave of pleasure that only four hands massage can deliver.

Why should you come to our parlour in London?

What is important when getting an authentic four hands massage is making sure the massage services are carried out by a team of qualified masseuses. Here at Majestic Massage London, we can guarantee that all of our masseuses are fully trained and know how to deliver the perfect four hands massage. The massage therapists working for us in Central London are a team of qualified ladies that carry the innate ability to pleasure and heal the body and the mind. Getting a four hands massage with us in central London will give you the experience you will never forget.

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A male client getting an incall 4 hands massage

When life is full of let downs book a four hands massage

When you think about the moments of happiness that you have in day to day life, why not increase that by a thousand percent? That burst of joy you get when you get a free coffee in Pret a Manger, the nervous excitement you experience when you see someone you fancy on the tram, you got a pay rise! You went to see that band you really enjoy… all these moments are great but they are still shackled by the negatives of the day to day. You might have gotten a free coffee but you just spent over the odds for a below average almond croissant. You might have seen your crush but she just looked straight past you. You got a pay rise but it wasn’t as big as anyone else’s. You saw your favourite band but they didn’t play your favourite song – and you know they’re tired of singing their greatest hits but you paid a lot of money for that ticket and that song holds a lot of significance to key moments in your life. The fact they didn’t play it over numerous other newer songs that in no way match up to that classic and therefore expose the mediocrity of the band and leave you feeling a bit embarrassed you still hold them in such esteem. Real life is full of let downs, it’s never as good as the movies. That is of course, except for four hands massage. With our four hands massage London services it is all pleasure, no pain.