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Why Is Our Body To Body Massage London Services So Popular?

Our body to body massage is the most popular style of massage available. Our body to body massage London service is ideal for anybody who has never had an erotic massage before. Many different types of massage incorporate the classic body to body massage techniques but stray from the full body massage style to target specific areas (i.e- lingam massage heavily focuses on massaging the penis) a body to body massage is a full body massage which means every crevice of your trembling body will be subject to massage therapy.

Getting your full body to body massage with one of our masseuses all of whom have had years of experience and have perfected their massage techniques through vigorous massage therapy training, you can ensure you are paying for quality when using our services in Central London.


A guide to what will happen during your body to body massage

Would you like to read a step by step guide of what you can expect when getting a body to body massage with us? Certainly:

Your masseuse will begin this relaxing massage by undressing, both herself and you, the client. She will then rub gently aromatic massaging oils into your skin, starting with your back and shoulders, your neck, then slowly, seductively, she will move lower down, massaging your lower back, torso etc… not only will she use her talented, delicate hands to massage you but she will employ a massage technique one can only achieve with years of experience. She will use all of her ample assets, from her bountiful cleavage to her plump derriere to rub your body, easing out all the pains and tensions in the tissue of your muscles. This massage allows complete relaxation, taking you to a place of blissful calm which lays the perfect foundations for the sexual element to the massage… Once you are in a state of blissful transcendence your masseuse will pleasure you, taking you to a place of ecstasy. The orgasmic pleasure deriving from a body to body massage is like no other sexual practice.

Why a B2B massage may be the perfect choice for you

If you have never had an erotic massage and are unsure of which one to start with – I would completely recommend you opt for body to body. It is an excellent transitional massage as its main purpose is to provide relaxation and for a first-timer, a relaxing massage is a good way to go.  

With a body to body massage you select to have your massage service with a happy ending (hand relief) or you can go the whole hog and get full service (which includes oral and sex) – The great thing about our massage service is that you don’t need to decide on which massage service you want until you’re there. So if you plan on getting a happy ending but in the moment wish you had got full service our masseuses will roll with it, no problem!

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If you have any further questions on the specific massage techniques involved in a full body massage or if you would like to learn more about massage therapy then simply give us a call.

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