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Seven sexy secrets of body to body massage

Bootilicious, beautiful and brimming with all things sexy – body to body is one of the most popular adult massages in the world. Here are seven sexy secrets about the wonders of body to body massage.

It originates in China

Though many countries try and claim body to body massage as their own, it was actually the Chinese who invented the wonders of body to body massage – but the original purpose behind it might not be what you expect. Body to body dates back to as far as 2000 years ago, when medicine was in short supply and China was a poor nation. During this time, the Chinese were desperately trying new methods to heal the sick. They found that manipulating the muscles and providing skin-to-skin contact did relieve symptoms for those who were unwell and so, body to body massage was born. As the years went by, many realised body to body had the potential to incorporate sexual elements into the bodywork. So, body to body developed into a massage that we know of today. 

It’s usually performed on a bed

Body to body is soothingly romantic and passionate, including the most sensational slide and grinds from the masseuse onto the receivers naked body. For practicality reasons and to keep the massage as intimate as possible body to body is always performed on a double bed. This also gives you the opportunity to kiss and cuddle your masseuse after the sexy time has already taken place. 

A double bed in a hotel room

You get to have sex

The beauty of body to body massage is that there are no limitations to your fun. So if you want to have sex, go for it! Body to body massage is separated into two packages which can be chosen by the client. Body to body full service comprises of the naked massage, followed by oral and penetration. However, those who are seeking a service a little tamer can indulge their tantalising taste buds in body to body happy ending, which includes the full body massage and hand relief.

It can be performed by more than one girl

It just gets better, body to body massage can also be performed by more than one girl, as part of a service known as four hands. Four hands comprises of double the trouble, double the pleasure as two smoking hot therapists massage your whole body together in unison. Both happy ending and full service packages are available as part of four hands, meaning you can turn your wildest of dreams into the most euphoric realities. Four hands body to body really is one for the bucket list. 

Two massage therapists kissing one another

It’s brimming with health benefits

Of course, body to body massage is super naughty, but it is in fact brimming with health benefits. The soft, slow and seductive strokes it provides encourage stress relief, eliminates pain and keeps the oxygen and blood circulation running much smoothly. Many medical professionals regard body to body massage as the key to keeping your health maintenance in check. 

It’s not just for men

It’s the 21st Century and it’s time to embrace that women love sexy time as much as men. So of course, it’s only natural that females have an appetite for body to body too. The female equivalent is known in the erotic world as a Yoni massage and comprises of the stimulation of the woman’s erogenous zones, which include the clitoris, the nipples and the vulva. Yoni massage can be performed by both men and ladies, depending on the preference of the client. 

A silhouette of a woman sitting down on the floor

It comes with an assisted shower

With massage oil, sweat and bodily juices flying everywhere, body to body can often be a messy experience. However, don’t worry about working up too much of a hot sweat – as all body to body packages comprise of an assisted shower for the perfect finale. Allow the warm water to sensually soak you and your therapist as you indulge into your last bit of wet ‘n’ wild fun.

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