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So you want to relax? Try Tantra!

By October 31, 2018Tantric massage London
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That’s not much of an ask surely, but in the hectic pace of modern life, it is certainly a case of easier said than done. There are many massage treatments available to provide you with relaxation but if you are searching for long-term, effective results against stress and a massage service that will leave you feeling positive for longer then you ought to get yourself down to an Asian tantric massage parlour…


Why you should choose tantric massage?

Tantra is a taught therapeutic meditative art. Tantric massage is a demonstration of the power of the practice. It doesn’t just relax you in the moment it provides you with the key to a whole world of relaxation that already lies within you. It rewires your brain, through the act of pleasure to re-balance your chemical balance and bring a calm clarity to your body and your mind.


What does it feel like?

Tantric massage feels like nothing you will have experienced before, your tantric masseuse will lull you into a deep relaxing state, your mind will be clear of all worries or life stresses. You will be subdued into a state of calm, only able to notice the pleasure surging around your body. Once you have built the pleasure inside your core, you will experience the pleasurable sensations trickle out from the usual places to around the rest of your body. You will experience this full body spreading of wonderful sensations and it will cocoon you from the outside world. Whilst you bask in your cocoon of pure and adulterated ecstasy your masseuse will either (with happy ending) wank you off or (with full service) she will start oral and intercourse at this time. Sexual gratification with tantric massage really is the icing on the cake. Tantric creates intense orgasmic pleasure, vastly more powerful than anything like it. Orgasms from tantric massage are considerably longer than the average orgasm and far more impactful. Followers of tantra have described tantric orgasms as like an out of body experience, as though they were floating on air.

An asian masseuse giving a male client a tantric massageBut can a sexual massage really relax me?

If you have to ask that then you really haven’t tried tantric massage before! The sexual element of the tantric massage opens you in a way much deeper than a standard muscle tissue massage – by hitting in to this deep and scared part of the human soul you are able to really improve the balance of your hormones, which in turn leaves you feeling more calm, relaxed and happy than ever before.

There are other massages that provide deep relaxation, such as four hands massage, this style involves having two erotic masseuses massaging you simultaneously. This intensifies the levels of pleasure (X2!) By massaging one side of the body each – your left or your right- your masseuse can target the specific sides of the brain, sending pleasure signals up to the brain leaving you to feel relaxed and happy. The benefit of having both sides massaged at once is that neither side of the brain can distract the other side from fully diving into pleasure. This total consummation of pleasure is what makes four hands so special.

An excellent idea would be to get a four hands massage combined with tantric. A four hands tantric massage gives you the best of both worlds. Giving you the calming intensity of four hands- allowing you to get into a place of full pleasure concentration- whilst giving you the incomparable joy ride of tantric massage.  


Here is what other people thought when they got a tantric massage:


Giles, 46:

“I am a big fan of massage, I drive lorries and have suffered from chronic back pain for years. Trying tantra really changed everything. Now I can channel my sexual energy in a way that I never thought possible and when I’m on the road I find I’m a lot calmer. My friends have noticed a difference too. I’m a lot more easy to be around – a lot happier.”


Ross, 27:

“Once you’ve tried tantra you won’t look back. So many people have no idea what they’re missing. Before I had my first tantra massage I could only orgasm for maybe 20 seconds? Now it just goes on and on – it’s like I’m in a trance. And there’s so much to learn, with each session I discover something new.”


Henry, 31:

“I used to have real issues when it came to sex, I would get anxious and stressed and never really enjoyed myself. Since I started doing tantra massage I have become much calmer and genuinely enjoy having sex! It’s crazy how something as simple as booking a massage can change your whole life. For years I was single, never being able to make someone stick. But now, because of tantra I have had the confidence to ask out a girl I have fancied for years, and everything is going well! – touch wood.”


Nick, 54:

“At 50 I thought, I had learnt everything I was ever going to learn about sex but boy could I be more wrong.. discovering tantra completely changed sex for me. Edging, and building pleasure is such a liberating and pleasurable experience. Honestly, I wish my wife was still alive to experience it with me! Any young men out there, take advice from an older man and get in to tantra!”

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