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Tantric massage therapy as told by our customers

By August 14, 2019Tantric Massage

Massage therapy has been around for centuries and we are all aware that they consist of another person relieving muscle pain or tension within your body. However, although tantric massage therapy still uses these methods, you get a few added bonuses, nudity, healing and more than often multiple orgasms that cleanse your mind, body and soul. 

So, although it uses similar aspects of more traditional massage styles, tantric massage therapy combines the tantric essence of Shakti which means energy. This unique massage style works towards clearing your soul, mentally and physically, providing you with an overall sense of well-being. Despite the fact that tantric massage is often linked to sensual massage sessions, they have a deeper meaning and purpose than pleasuring you physically and the physical side of it is not approached with a sexual mindset. 

A Japanese masseuse knelt down a chair in some sexy lingerie

So you are probably thinking, what is a tantric massage experience like?

A tantric massage is always performed while both participants are fully naked, due to its intimate nature and the fact the masseuse applies warm oil over the body. This sensual touch and close body to body intimacy awakens your emotional and physical feelings, heightening any sensitive areas throughout the body. 

We decided to speak to some of our regular customers who have tantric massage therapy to find out exactly what all the fuss is about… 

Donald, 28 – “The stress of everyday life can be quite difficult at times, especially when you are juggling a job, finances, family and social life. I have never been great at managing my stress levels and it is fair to say that in the past they have had a seriously negative impact on my well-being. For many years I could not find a solution or a coping mechanism that enabled me to balance out my feelings of anxiety until I discovered tantric massage therapy. Although there is a sexual element to it, the spiritual and positive energy that possesses your body and mind during one of these sessions is incredible. I feel as if my mind and body are at one with each other and it is easier to think clearly. I think tantric massage is a fantastic way to combat stress and anxiety levels in an alternative and enjoyable way.”

Peter, 39 – “Tantric massage therapy is great if you are looking for something fun and exciting in your life that is still relaxing. It allowed me to explore my body and the different things I am capable of feeling both mentally and physically. The soft and intimate touch of the masseuse allowed me to enter into a state of relaxation, calming all aspects of my being. I could feel the positive energy flow between the masseuses’ body and mine, helping me to become elevated and fulfilled. I experienced the pleasure from start to finish and the feeling stayed with me long after I left the massage parlour. I had suffered from mild erectile dysfunction but after receiving regular tantric massage therapy I was able to fully function in the bedroom once again.” 

Nigel, 25 – “Understanding and trusting in the power of Tantra is an essential part of the experience and without this, you will not reap the full potential that it has to transform your mind, body and soul. Like anything, it takes practice but once you put your trust in the masseuse you will automatically begin to feel like a new and improved person. I started tantric massage therapy just over a year ago after a few years of having other erotic and sensual styles, however nothing has fulfilled me as much as tantric massage therapy. Not only is it unique and authentic in its ways, but it is also a truly genuine experience that provides you with so much more than you think it will.”

A professional massage therapist lay down in a chair in a pink dress

Where can you book your very own tantric massage?

If you are in London and would like to experience our authentic and 5* rated East London tantric massage services, whether that be for an incall or outcall appointment, we are open daily from 10 am until 3 am. Our beautiful masseuses have professionally trained in therapeutic, sensual, erotic and tantric massage therapy and some of the most elite massage therapy schools across Asia. These oriental beauties hailing from Korea, China and Japan will always provide you with an authentic Asian experience.   

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