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The beauty of a 4 hands massage

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What actually is a 4 hands massage?

A four hands massage is a unique and specialised style of erotic massage therapy that heightens levels of pleasure and relaxation. Unlike conventional massage styles, a 4 hands massage is performed by two masseuses at the same time rather than one. The set of extra hands provides the customer with a more intense experience and greater relief throughout and after their session that benefits your mind, body and soul. The masseuses can either work on different parts of your body at the same time in a synchronized motion or work on the same body part simultaneously to create greater relief or pleasure.

To give you a sense of the full benefits and happiness a 4 hands massage can bring you, we decided to ask some of our regular clients about their experiences of having this service and some of our masseuses that perform four hands massage therapy.

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George, 28, Shoreditch – “I think it is safe to say that a fantasy for most young men growing up is being intimate with two women at the same time. This was always an experience that I wanted to try, which is why I tried it at an Asian massage parlour in Central London. When I arrived at the massage parlour I was given the choice of masseuses which was quite difficult as the massage therapists were all equally as beautiful and highly trained. Once I had chosen what masseuse I wanted for my 4 hands massage session, they guided me into a private room that was very clean and fresh. The lights were dimmed and they had scented candles which created a very relaxing atmosphere, which automatically made me feel more at ease. The masseuses had good communication with me beforehand, asking me how I would prefer the massage to be performed and if I wanted any extra services. The massage began and the ladies stood at either side of the bed, taking half of my body each. While one masseuse was rubbing my neck and shoulders, the other one was running her hands firmly on my inner and outer thigh. I had many different sensations running through my body that combined to make me feel highly relaxed. I could feel the tension being released in my upper back and shoulders which also mentally cleared my mind. However, as the masseuse reached her hands into my inner thighs and began to massage my intimate areas, I felt a lot of pleasure. I had never experienced relief and pleasure in this sort of way and before I knew it I was experiencing what felt like I full body orgasm. The four hands massage experience exceeded my expectations completely and instead of it being simply a sexual fantasy, it became a wholesome, positive and relieving reality.”

Randal, 56, Peckham – “In my younger years I had a lot of sexual relations with many different women, which meant when I got a bit older the threshold of what aroused or excited me became very high and resulted in me experiencing erectile dysfunction. For someone with such a high sex drive, not being able to perform was extremely hard to deal with and it knocked my confidence when it came to being intimate. I felt out of touch with my body and had realised that for so long I used sex as a physical act rather than an emotional one. I decided to receive 4 hands massage therapy to help me reconnect the mental and physical aspects of being intimate for me and the results were very positive. The masseuses massaged my full body while they were both naked in a synchronized motion, keeping their movements almost identical. It was very soothing yet arousing at the same time. A four hands massage definitely feels more powerful and intense than a regular one performed by one lady, the feeling is quite hard to describe.”

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Where can you get a 4 hands massage from?

If you are based in the Central London area or are visiting the city, why not visit one of our 5* Asian massage parlours for a 4 hands massage experience? We have an extensive list of services that we provide for our clients, all you need to do is contact us via SMS, phone call or by email to arrange an appointment. We also offer outcall services, therefore if you wish to have the massage performed in the comfort of your home or hotel room, please book in advance. Our main priority is customer satisfaction which is why we carefully hand select our massage therapists based on their beauty, hard work and dedication to their profession. Our masseuses come from China, Japan and Korea and have been trained to the highest of levels at some of the most elite erotic massage schools across Asia. Your session with us will always be catered to suit your individual needs and desires and you will always receive an authentic Asian experience with a genuine oriental lady. Please contact us today on 07823807648 if you wish to try our 4 hands massage London services.

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