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The do’s and don’ts of a 4 Hands massage

By September 14, 20184 Hands massage London
A male client getting a 4 hands massage off a two Asian masseuses

Kiko Cho’s guide to getting a four hands massage

Getting your first four hands massage? Worried about what to expect, or just want to make sure you’re clued up before you get there? That is completely reasonable, as everyone thinks the same. Our erotic masseuse and four hands expert Kiki Cho has created this fail-safe guide to makes sure when you show up for your four hands massage you know exactly what to do AND not do.

Hi, I’m Kiki Cho, I have been working as an erotic masseuse in London for a number of years and I talk to clients all the time who confess before coming in to see me they had no idea about what any of the services actually contained. This baffles me because there are so many exciting massage styles to choose from and they are all so different! It’s like going to a pizzeria with all kinds of different pizzas with different toppings and having no idea how any of them taste! Some people are going to like pepperoni, others will absolutely hate ham and pineapple while others will only ever be happy with a classic margarita. Not being clued up about different massage styles means that you can be limiting yourself to the styles that you do know. By making this series of informative blog posts I hope to relinquish the mystery surrounding a number of my favourite erotic massage styles, which will not only benefit clients, so they can better understand the massage styles they have to choose from but, equally I am writing these for the masseuses, as I have found, delivering a massage to a client who doesn’t understand the style can become rather uncomfortable. I never want a client to be uncomfortable, my parlour is a place of love and tranquillity and once a nervous customer becomes panicked it can take a long time to get him calm again. So, knowledge is everything – I can’t quite remember who said that or whether I just heard it in a film… either way, knowing some do’s and don’ts before getting an erotic massage can definitely be beneficial to everyone.

This week we will be exploring the wonders of a four hands massage. This massage style, personally, has some magic to it. Once both masseuses (as four hands requires two technically trained masseuses) begin to massage their client they will do so in a rhythmic choreographed manner – this well-rehearsed massage style means that the receiver of the four hands will quite quickly struggle to differentiate between the hands of the two masseuses, he will feel hundreds of delicate, small hands working his back- clients always tell me they cannot work out where one hand ends and another begins! This powerful trancelike state of meditative bliss brought on by the four hands massage technique will lead clients to a much more powerful and intense arousal than any other massage style I have experienced.

A male client getting a four hands massageSome things to remember before booking four hands:

  • This massage is double the price of a standard massage; this is because you are paying for two masseuses.
  • Four hands is a powerful massage and is not for the weak willed, expect intense orgasmic pleasure from this style.
  • Four hands CAN be mixed with any other massage style if you would like. A full trained erotic masseuse will be able to tailor a four hand massage to target particular areas of desire (for instance if you enjoy a lingam massage or a prostate massage then asking your masseuses to incorporate these styles into four hands won’t be an issue.)
  • Four hands massage can be delivered with a happy ending (hand relief) or with full service (oral and sex).
  • Four hands massage can be ordered for incall and outcall. I was not sure which to recommend but after discussing with regular clients, I can say for certain that most men prefer to get outcall with a four hands massage. This is because many men feel intimidated, being outnumbered by the two masseuses and say they only feel in control when getting four hands in their own personal space: whether that be in their hotel or home. – this is of course is only one man’s personal perspective and you might feel perfectly comfortable receiving a four hands massage incall (at a parlour) – from experience I can certainly vouch that many men do enjoy a four hands massage incall.
  • A four hands massage is a fairly vigorous massage and I always recommend clients wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes – jogging bottoms etc. You will certainly feel as though you have had a thorough workout.
  • Shower before and after. – You don’t want to get intimate with one masseuse, let alone two when you are unclean. Do not only consider how comfortable you are with your own bad hygiene but consider your masseuse too- you would expect that she would shower before the session, so do the same.  Equally, after the massage you will have sweated quite a bit, also the masseuses will have rubbed massage oil all over your body. Not only will showering after the massage clean your skin but it also feels really nice to cool down with a cold shower as your muscles will appreciate the de-stress.


Advice from my clients


This section is dedicated to some of my helpful regular clients who happily shared some of their tips with me to post here…

Don’t have a big dinner beforehand! If you eat a lot before a four hands, you will either get indigestion or cramp! Once I had cramp for twenty minutes in the middle of a session – not ideal!- Paul 43

If it’s your birthday treat yourself to two hours, believe me – in that second hour I went to a place of ecstasy I didn’t even know was humanly possible! – Mike 20s

I discovered four hands with Nuru recently! I would definitely recommend it. – Craig 60’s

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you learned a little bit more about four hands massage and keep an eye out for my next blog post!



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