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Trick or Treat… Best foods to use in the bedroom this Halloween

By October 30, 2019Erotic massage London

It is safe to say that eating and getting intimate in the bedroom are two of the best things, especially when it comes to a special holiday like Halloween when we have an excuse to eat all of the delicious sweet and savoury snacks we want to. 

As wining and dining is already a prominent activity during dating, including food into your sex life could be done through erotic massage therapy and you can truly get spooky this Halloween. 

Much like Halloween, kinks and fetishes involving food during intercourse or massage therapy have been around for centuries. The connection between sex and food isn’t that hard to understand as they are both highly comforting to humans and are fulfilling both mentally and physically. 

For those of you who may not be on the full blown fetish side of things but want to get a little spooky under the covers this Halloween, fear not, we will guide you in the right direction so you don’t make a mess in the kitchen, or should I say in the bedroom…

Fruit encased in some ice cubes

So, what food is the best to rub all over your significant other during an erotic massage?

Should you go sweet or savoury? We will guide you in the right direction so you don’t make a mess in the kitchen, or should I say in the bedroom…

Cherries – Cherries are small and compact and ideal for eating off your partner’s body or passing between each other’s mouth. Start off your erotic massage session with some sensual kissing, cherry flavoured!

Grapes  Feel like an ancient Egyptian God or Goddess and treat your partner like Cleopatra by feeding them succulent grapes while you pleasure their intimate area. Having two parts of your body pleasured at the same time can bring the body heightening levels of orgasmic bliss. 

Toffee Apples – Get in the true Halloween spirit and buy some toffee apples for some intimate fun. Whether you run them across one another’s bodies or insert them into your intimate areas, you can have a whole lot of adventure with this sweet treat. 

Lolly-pops – Although they might be sticky, they taste incredible and come in many different flavours. Whether you are giving your man a blowjob or going down on your lady, why not make their erogenous zones taste like cola or strawberries by sucking on a lollypop beforehand. 

Cucumber It is quite obvious what a cucumber can be used for, but it is essential that you use it safely. Although many people frown upon using food to insert inside the vagina or anus, it is the taboo element that makes things more fun. Make sure you wash the cucumber thoroughly before using it, apply a condom if you are sharing it with your partner so you don’t spread any possible STI’s, and make sure you use plenty of lubrication. If you follow all of these steps your erotic massage session will be a lot of fun and pleasure.

Ice-cream – If you are all hot and sweaty from passionately kissing your partner under the covers, cool down your foreplay with some ice-cream. Pick your favourite flavour (mine is chocolate chip with mint), and place it somewhere sensitive on your partner’s body and start to sensually lick it off.

Whipped cream Whipped cream is iconic when it comes to incorporating food into your sex life, and it is used all of the time in the movies. Not only is it fresh and tasty but it is super easy to lick and suck off your partner’s body, so why not have a go at it yourself!

Grape Fruit – Grapefruit is one of the juiciest and tastiest fruits out there, and they feel amazing during a massage. One tip we offer you is to cut a hole through the centre of the grapefruit, but making it small enough that it is tight. Put your partner’s penis through the hole and move the grapefruit up and down and watch them reach multiple orgasms!

Melted Chocolate – Whether is Halloween, Easter, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, chocolate is truly loved all year round by everyone. Melt it and pour it over your partner’s body or use it as a lubricant. Tasty and sexy!

You can even spice things up in the bedroom even more this Halloween and do a trick or treat special where you close your eyes and pick out a food that you will use with your partner!


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