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Want to be healthy in 2019? Book in for a prostate massage

By January 18, 2019Prostate massage London
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We all know that collective feeling of health craze that sweeps the nation every time January slopes around. After the Christmas period and the indulging that comes with it, we tend to experience a shared feeling of urgency to improve the quality of our lifestyles and within that, predominantly, improve our health. This assertion to become healthier can be expressed through a variety of different fads and trends; you might take up spinning or cut out all carbs, you might try and do press-ups as soon as you wake up or attempt drinking 10 litres of water a day… The problem with starting any of these things in 2019 is that they are either repressing you (taking something away) or they are forcing you (without want or need) to do something you do not enjoy. Really if anyone wants to improve their health and or their lifestyle the most effective thing to do is bring positivity and new experiences into your life. I’m all for shaking up your life in the New Year, in fact, I’d even say I’m an advocate of it – if we never made changes or opened ourselves up to new experiences how would we ever improve or grow? The start of a new year is the perfect time to consider our personal growth and make time to think about what changes we do want to make. One thing I would recommend you change in 2019 is your relationship with sex.  Before you get the wrong end of the stick – I don’t mean giving up sex and becoming celibate, actually far from it.

Re-evaluate your perception of sex by getting a prostate massage

What I want to encourage you to do in 2019 is re-evaluate your perception of sex. We all need to shake things up from time to time and if you’re feeling a little stifled by regular sex you’re not the only one.  Around 70% of married adults would agree that sex has become routine and their sex drives are considerably lower than they were in their 20’s. This has less to do with age and more to do with the systematic problem of same-ness. We are creatures of habit but that is needless to say that we do require changing from time to time in order to grow and develop – or rather recognise our own growth and development. You are not the same man you were even a year ago, why would you only have the same sex? Monogamy is hard enough already, why make it even more difficult by never breaking out of your ‘comfortable’ stagnant sex bubble?

Pleasure is not something that should be dismissed, pushed under the carpet or neglected in any way shape or form – pleasure is something that should be cultivated, nurtured and respected. To respect your own pleasure threshold you should seek out ways in which to increase it. One of the main issues with most men’s relationship with sex is that they have been lied to their whole lives…

Why is it that society manipulates us into thinking that post losing our virginity to enhance sex we should try anal? The truth is anal is not the hoo-hah we are led to believe.  In actuality, the sexual liberation of women in the 70’s- on discovery of the female orgasm massively changed the game of sex for women. Now it’s about time men had the same end-game. It is a myth that the male orgasm lays in ejaculation. Perhaps we have been led to believe this as it serves as a greater assurance of copulation and new life. If men were to know the secret that their orgasm lay in their prostate perhaps regular penetrative sex would go out the window – at least I expect that is what is feared and why this sexual hot spot is underplayed by mainstream media. But let’s not get bogged down in conspiracy theories! Let’s stick to the facts: what we do know is that the massaging of the male prostate gland gives a similar if not identical orgasmic experience as that which a woman experiences when her clitoris is massaged. The male prostate gland is the same as the female clitoris essentially – it’s just not as easy to access.

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Why should you use our prostate massage Central London service?

What I propose to you is that this year you go to a professional erotic massage parlour and treat yourself to a prostate massage. I suggest you go to a parlour for your ‘first time’ as it will ensure your prostate massage is performed correctly. Asking a lover to stick their fingers up your bum (especially if you have been married for a number of years) could be potentially awkward and embarrassing – even worse if they incorrectly locate the prostate and cause you discomfort. An experience such as this, a failed go if you like, could potentially cause emotional trauma and prevent you from trying it again. I can wholeheartedly assure you that getting your first prostate massage by a professional masseuse will always be done correctly and will demonstrate to you the true wonder of prostate massage.

Prostate massage not only gives you orgasmic pleasure but the experience is nothing more than life-changing. Your sex drive will soar, your general happiness and quality of life will improve and it can improve mental and physical health. If you want to become a better, happier and more successful man in 2019 start the right way; book yourself in to try our prostate massage Central London service today.

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