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Why happy ending massage made my Christmas less stressful

By December 18, 2018Happy ending massage London
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Ah, Christmas, ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ while I love to overindulge in mulled wine, have second helpings of pigs in blankets and decorate the whole house, Christmas can be a stressful time. Having to cook dinner for SO many people, the ice-cold weather and don’t get me started on the never-ending queues at Harrods. For many years, an extra-large glass of wine was my only vice to help beat my Christmas stresses, but then I stumbled upon happy ending massage and I’ve got to say, it jingled more than just my bells.

Where did my happy ending massage experience start?

Let’s rewind to 23rd December 2016, it was a cold Winter’s day in London and after enduring the grinds of Oxford Street shopping, my head was pounding, my back was sore and I couldn’t shake off the tension running through my body – it’s fair to say I was pretty stressed. Desperate to have some relief, I browsed the Internet for massage and came across a high-end erotic parlour based in Marylebone. Now I’d never had an erotic massage of any description ever before, but as it was the season for treating yourself, I thought f*** it why not? And I never looked back.

As I arrived at the parlour, I was greeted by a hostess with the mostess called Kitty, she took my copious shopping bags out of my hand and replaced them with a glass of champagne – I instantly felt a wave of relaxation pass through my body. And the whole thing was about to get better. Once alone in my private treatment room, the masseuse began to undress me out of all of my clothes, I was worried about being a little cold (after all, it was December) but this was completely not the case. As soon as I was naked, the therapist started to rub oil with her hands before lathering onto my skin. The warmth of her soft fingertips and the oil felt similar to euphoria. My back pain from carrying around too many shopping bags was immediately eliminated and was replenished with refreshed and rejuvenated muscles. I’ve since learnt massage and the sexy bits is just as (or if not more) powerful than painkillers for relieving the dreaded Christmas aches. As happy ending massage is tantalisingly sexy and intimate it’s a no-brainer that it’s the most effective pain reliever you can opt for. I know which painkiller I would choose!

An Asian masseuse lay down on a red velvet sofa in sexy black underwear and waiting to give her next client, a happy ending massage

How else did a happy ending massage benefit me?

And it’s not just the niggling pains that got me down around Christmas, the freezing temperatures often made me bed-bound with the horrendous cold and flu. However, the therapist informed me that no matter how many extra layers you wear or how many hot drinks you have, there’s no better way to help avoid illness than a happy ending massage. Feeling the masseuse’s flawless features slide and grind all along your body, triggers the boost of white blood cells which are a vital component for boosting your immune system. It certainly worked for me. I made a conscious effort to book a happy ending massage every time I was in London leading up to Christmas Day. And guess what? I never got sick during the festive season.

Another reason for visiting the parlour was exhaustion. The stresses of buying everyone’s presents and making the finishing touches towards the big day made me more than just a little fatigued. The therapist sensually soothed every inch of my body which gave me a new lease of life mentally and physically. I learnt that massage (and a happy ending) decreases cortisol (the stress hormone) and replenishes it with Serotonin, which is a vital component for getting a good night’s sleep. I can say I slept better than ever during the festive season, my dreams were more of a Fairy Tale of New York than a Nightmare before Christmas, it was a win-win!

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Book your erotic Asian massage today!

Since that cold Winter’s day in 2016, I always opt for regular happy ending massage therapy leading up to Christmas. It beat my festive stresses and it’ll most definitely beat yours too! If you’re looking for a plush but insanely affordable parlour which offers the best happy ending massage UK service in London, then I couldn’t recommend Majestic Massage London parlour enough. As well as unwinding all of your stresses you also get the chance to get hot under the covers with a smoking hot Asian masseuse. From just £120, it’s the best early Christmas present you’ll ever have!

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