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Today is the 25th May 2024 we are open for both incall and outcall from 10:00AM till 03:00AM

Looking for double the fun? four hands instead of two all over your naked massage? With either a happy ending or full service your true London threesome at a time and place that suits you? This is exactly what Majestic Massage can offer you day or night keep reading!

Our sexy four-hands/duo girls

No matter what massage technique you choose you want a pair of masseuses that can put a smile on your face and give you the ultimate time. All of our masseuses offer duo sessions together so go wild and pick your favourite ladies for your experience. Remember not every girl works on the same day so it’s best to check with reception.

Our prices start at just £260 for a full hour with two of our Asian goddesses! Your only a quick call away from our 4 hand massage London sessions!

As you can see from our gallery all of our ladies are from Asia and including China, Japan and Korea. All have great personalities, perfect bodies and great adult massage skills to give you the perfect 4 hands massage near me experience.

The world of adult massage and your very own threesome

Forget about the traditional massages that the boring everyday massage therapists offer around London and come and experience something exciting that you will always remember.

How does adult massage differ from traditional massage?

So you might have had a ‘traditional’ massage before and this includes the like deep tissue massage, traditional Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, sports massage, reflexology shiatsu massage, hand massage etc all these massage servicess deal with a purpose and should be performed by a professional and licensed masseuse that specializes in dealing with pain and chronic conditions or relaxation.

Traditional massages provide reduced muscle tension, and reduce stress via equal pressure while some help with a more intense muscle pain or a problem with say blood circulation.

As these different types of massages require a highly skilled masseuse to get the most out of them.

An adult massage is a little bit different but still has its roots in the various treatment offers you see today in the non-adult massage world. You can experience a wide range of massages all perfect for the best 4 hands massage in London experience. So let’s help you decide on what could be the best for you?

Our choice of adult massages

So what four handed massage would you like to receive during your session or what would suit you? We have a great selection of exciting massages to suit everyone and you can choose whichever you please. Some go for more relaxation some for more pleasure the choice is yours. Let’s find out which massage is great for you even though each is an excellent option!

Sensual massage

This is perfect massage therapy for a close encounter that creates a relaxing experience that increases well-being while being naughty and expansive. Intimacy is the number one goal of this massage technique and one session is enough to really make a difference. If you are having trouble relaxing or want to feel enhanced relaxation with two therapists instead of one then a sensual massage could be the perfect fit for you. Sensual massages are also great for physical and mental health also!

Tantric Massage

Tantric massages are for four hands massage adventures. And our beautiful ladies know how to do this in a professional but tantalizing way. Close to the original roots of the massage but totally exciting and totally pleasurable from start to finish. If you are looking for fun and excitement then a four hands Tantric massage is defiantly the choice for you!

Erotic massage

Part of our body massages range and one of our most popular full body massage techniques. Erotic massages are the perfect fit for two massage therapists to fully explore your naked body and you too explore theirs. Expect a revitalising massage experience that leads you closer and closer to orgasm with your choice of either a happy ending or full service!

Prostate Massage

While a prostate massage opens up a true world of pleasure that can’t be matched in terms of pure pleasure. Why you might not think this is a four hands experience you could be wrong due to the happy ending and full service that happens after the massage! And indulging in a prostate massage can really get you into the mood and ready for anything that our lovely masseuses will bring your way during your massage session.

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is a massage all about one thing that you defiantly won’t get at a professional massage spa. It’s a massage about your penis and you can defiantly indulge in this massage style with a four-hand massage but we feel other massage types might suit you a little bit better to get the best massage experience or with a single client and one masseuse. But you can of course also have this as a 4 hand massage london experience if you wish.

Incall and outcall four hands massage in London

We love to offer both an incall and outcall Four hands massage London experience. And where you would like to have your massage with your two masseuses is your choice as our massage services are fully flexible.

For enhanced relaxation after a tiring day, we always recommend an outcall experience if you can host your two beautiful ladies in your hotel room or home. This means no travelling to our parlour and they will usually arrive within 45 minutes. Which is one of the major benefits, please contact us to make an appointment for our outcall adventures.

You can also have an incall 4 hands massage experience at our massage parlour and you can make your chosen ladies here. Our parlour is located in the heart of Central London in Marylebone just near Baker Street and allows easy access from the tube or bus or taxi.

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