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Today is the 18th June 2024 we are open for both incall and outcall from 10:00AM till 03:00AM

The perfect body to body massage therapy with our beautiful Asian girls awaits. Choose from some of the sexiest girls that London offers, with our fully nude, fully exciting and naughty b2b massages.

How does a body to body massage compare to a traditional massage?

Well, most people in their lifetime have probably had a traditional massage or know about them. Massages such as deep tissue massage, sports massage and Thai massage therapy are great at their intended purposes whether that would be healing, dealing with injuries, improve blood circulation, blood flow, reduce muscle tension or promoting stress relief. Each has there own recognised purpose.

A traditional massage is usually performed in a spa or massage salon but can be mobile and might feature relaxing music, and other calming effects.

What makes a body to body massage with us different?

For starters, our massage services are performed fully naked both you and your chosen beautiful masseuse will be fully nude and be free to explore each of your naked body throughout the massage. This will help you feel relaxed but sexually excited. All part of our body to body London massage services!

And then there is the sexual element which adds a new dimension to your session that no other traditional massage can match. Remember each session with us comes with either a happy ending or full service. Really adding to the best massage experience you can get in London. Only with Majestic Massage.

Our Asian masseuses

We only work with the best Asian ladies and they are all truly beautiful. We have a range of far east Asian girls from China, Japan and Korea. The perfect treat from all the European girls that seem to be commonplace in London. Have a look at our gallery below to find the perfect girl for you and be rest assured you are visiting the best massage therapists in London.

The famous Body to body massage

our most popular and highly requested massage style and for good reason, this full-body massage treatment is perfect to relax, and get naughty with your chosen masseuse! B2B massage uses various techniques of fast and slow strokes and fully involves your masseuse grinding your bodies on each other to create sexual stimulation and orgasmic fun taking your pleasure to a whole new level. Or you can mix up and add in some sensual techniques the choice is yours.

We offer the best London body to body massage session in London. Come and find out more!

Mixing body to body with other massages?

While this type of massage is quite a plain massage there are plenty of others that can help with different areas of the body or some that are more intimate or some that are more naughty and there is plenty of chances for more sessions to explore them all but how does a B2B massage compare to the other ones we offer let’s find out.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage techniques have to be perfect to get the most out of our sessions and all of our girls are fully trained and up to date with the latest tantric techniques but still sticking with the original theme of the tantra/tantric massage that is possible with our tantric masseuses and it has been popular since the early 1980s. We truly offer the best tantric massage experience in London!

Sensual Massage

This is the true intimate relaxing massage that will bring you close and personal to your chosen masseuse and give you the pleasure you crave. This is the perfect massage on cold winter nights or when you want to feel more intimacy or a connection. Perfect with both a happy ending or full service.

Prostate Massage

Want an entire body orgasm? Not a sex-induced orgasm but by letting your masseuse gently massage your male g spot (the prostate gland) it opens up a world of pleasure that Body to Body massage just can’t touch. We know this is sometimes considered a taboo but trust in when we say that this is the ultimate experience that your whole body will love. This is naughties massage in London guaranteed.

A prostate massage doesn’t hurt and even has many health benefits. Will you take the plunge into the world of pleasure?

Lingam Massage

Want your masseuse to focus all her energy and technique just on your penis with the perfect happy ending then a Lingam massage is defiantly for you as this focuses just on your penis instead of a full body massage that dedicates itself to your whole body by provoking pressure points around the body to give you a pleasurable time.

Incall and outcall body massage london

So you have decided that our b2b massage london services is for you and you would like to meet one of our beautiful girls for a massage session you will always remember but where would you like it to take place? Incall our outcall the choice is yours.

Our incall massage parlor is conveniently located in the centre of London. In Marylebone, this means easy across London to our parlour located just near Baker Street. This can be by taxi, the famous vast underground system that keeps London moving day and night or by the extensive bus system.

Incall is very popular due to not having to host ar your home or hotel and with our extending opening hours of 10:00 AM till 03:00 Am every day including weekends and bank holidays an appointment is always just a phone call away.

If you wish to book for incall please speak to our reception team with the massage style and your masseuse’s name you would like to book. We only accept on-the-day bookings though.

Outcall is even more popular and the perfect way to experience your best session here at Majestic Massage.

Outcall is defiantly the best choice if you are staying in a hotel room or live in London and don’t fancy travelling across London to our parlour.

Popular areas include the likes of South Kensington, Soho, Mayfair and Paddington but you don’t need to be in these areas to book an outcall. Just let reception know your hotel name or postcode and we can usually get your chosen masseuse to you within 45 minutes depending on the traffic etc. No matter where you are in London your b2b massage near me is only a phone call away.

Ready to start your amazing b2b massage experience?

So you have chosen your masseuse and you are ready to start the sweet and physical yet professional experience that is our b2b massages. That’s great so once you have decided on either incall or outcall then it’s time to make your appointment. The easiest way to contact us is by phone as displayed on our website.

We are open for appointments from the hours of 10:00 AM till 03:00 AM this includes weekends and bank holidays. Please remember we only accept bookings on the day and this includes both incall and outcall this way we will be able to tell if your chosen masseuse is working that day etc and get you booked in with our bespoke body 2 body massage London services.

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