How a naked therapy awakens you with the new sensations

Due to being very erotic, naked therapy is considered as a work of art. Most tantra services use the body-to-body massage style, provided by a tantric beauty using her whole body all over yours to massage. The masseuse will use gorgeous features to stimulate the most mind blowing sensations on your body with her erotic techniques. A powerful tantric massage will feed all of your sexual desires as shiver of excitement runs through all of you.

The London Majestic Erotic massage offers naked therapy which is a completely unique experience, which unwinds the body and refreshes the mind. If normal massage therapy will make your senses more sensitive. Naked therapy will intensive it even more! Naked therapy will indulge you into a sweet serenity.


Our naked massage is much more than a nude massage that involves a pretty naked girl. Naked therapy at can encourage the most overwhelming relaxation which can be stimulated using a range of massage methods. There are so many reasons why naked therapy can be a benefit to a person, one of which is to improve their confidence. It gives them a voice and allows them to feel more confident to express their views and feelings, without feeling judged.

Before you have a sensual naked massage, some preparations need to take place to make sure you get a fully pleasurable experience. These include:

  • Setting low mood lighting – ensuring the only thing visible is the girl and receiver
  • Lighting scented candles which help stimulate the senses
  • Take light exercises which allows the minds, soul and body to open

To get the full benefits of naked massage therapy then it’s important the receiver breathes thoroughly. Even though they are two separate naked people, the client should try to breathe the same as the girl to really connect through. To help do this then it’s advised to glare into the girl’s eyes to captivate the soul. Breathing and gazing ensures both parties are strongly connected on a spiritual and emotional level, which goes much further than any other bond.


The beauty of naked therapy massage is that it can be performed solely as an experience or used with different massage elements to enhance the experience. But please note, naked massage in itself is intensely intensive! Looking into one of others eyes will connect your souls and create burning sexual passion.

It’s up to you if you talk throughout your naked massage, most girls perform the service in silent so its decision to initiate it. The masseuse are all very easy going and will be willing to chat to you!

Naked therapy is much more than other tantra therapies offered. It simulates all the senses, which frees the body and mind of all restrictions, as well as opening up new thoughts and feelings.

What are you waiting for? Book your nude massage today and we can guarantee you a very skilled massage therapist showing off her passionate ways to make you melt in pleasure.

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