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What Does Our Full Service Massage London Service Consist Of?

Full service is the ultimate erotic massage experience. We understand that full service gives clients full satisfaction and can be the best way to end a massage, which is why we offer full service at all of our massage parlours. Whatever erotic massage style you choose, whether you opt for the classic body to body massage or one of the more specialist Asian massages like Nuru or lingam, you can combine that with full service. But what does full service consist of you ask? Well in our central London massage parlours, full service involves getting truly pampered by one of our beautiful and talented massage therapists. With full service, you can choose the massage style of your choice; whether that be classic body to body, prostate, Nuru, lingam, sensual, tantric etc. Once your massage therapist has completely relaxed and re-energised your body through the power of massage the real fun begins. Full service consists of a body massage, hand relief, oral and sexual intercourse. You can have as little or as much sexual fun as you like, it is entirely up to you how the body massage goes, it is your massage service so if you want your massage therapist to spend longer on the body rub than the sexual fun that is absolutely fine. Similarly, if you would prefer your massage therapist to spend longer pleasing you sexually then that’s just as well! Do not mistake full service at one of our erotic massage parlours as a prostitution service, it is far removed from that.


The health benefits of a full service massage

Within the East, it is widely accepted that sexual favours can be a means of recovery and a way to de-stress and clear the mind. Combining holistic Asian massage therapy with sexual elements can drastically improve the body’s general well being and the mental health of the client.  Our full service massage London service can of course be booked simply for pleasure but be aware, booking a body massage with a trained Asian massage therapist can really benefit you in ways you might not have even been aware of.

If you suffer from headaches, migraines, depression, constant fatigue or insomnia, allowing yourself the privilege of a body rub Asian massage; with full service can alleviate all of these issues.  An Asian massage is more than pleasure, it is deep therapeutic relief from Western stresses. An authentic oriental massage will bring you happiness, health, and due to our low low prices, you will still have wealth.

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A Chinese massage therapist giving a client a full service massage on a Nuru bed

A summary of a full service and the joy it can bring you

The East believe life is but a series of incidents, some good, some happy, some not so good, some sad, life is unpredictable, we can never predict what is waiting for us around the corner – however you do not need a fortune cookie to discover getting a full service erotic massage at one of our Central London massage parlours with our very skilled and talented massage therapists will bring you nothing but pleasure and happiness. – As well as improving your general health and wellbeing. To discover more about the health benefits of massage services, check out our informative blog posts.

To summarise:

Full service:

  • Massage
  • Hand relief
  • Oral
  • Sexual intercourse

For extras call and enquire with one of our helpful team.