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The Explosive Pleasure: Prostate Massage

Ultimate pleasure: Erotic prostate massage & happy ending massage

Prostate Massage London, the clue is in the name, pays attention to the male prostate region. The fantastic sensation? Touch is performed delicately and masterfully to prevent causing pain or creating unnecessary problems, whilst remaining ample enough to deliver shocks of sensations to your whole body. It is essential that the Prostate Massage London is delivered by a fully trained therapist; we offer you only top Asian massage therapists to pick from, ensuring you maximum pleasure.

Even though undoubtedly, the therapist’s fingers are thought of as the most important tool during Prostate Massage London, there are specially designed tools that they might combine into this naughty erotic session. Vibrating massage toys can cause an even more mind-altering succession of sensations, while other devices can reach other important spots, medically speaking.

Here at the Asian Majestic Tantric Massage, there is a huge assortment of erotic sensual services to select from depending on your individual needs and desires. Our erotic massages can be changed according to individual needs even more and fused with each other for an endless collection of unique treatments for you to try. Prostate Massage London is considered one of the most sought after practices of Tantra nowadays, and to explain why we will explore deeper this extremely pleasurable ritual.


What happens during prostate massage London?

A prostate massage begins with a therapist putting on soft plastic gloves to ensure complete hygiene. Lubricants are necessary during the massage to prevent the risk of damage to the prostate and the treatment is completely safe. A sequence of gentle touches and pressures are performed on to your prostate and also to the notorious Sacred Spot causing many new feelings that you are guaranteed to delight in. The more experienced Asian massage therapists, the better because they can get you to reach higher levels of pleasure by demonstrating a deeply unforgettable Prostate Massage London. During the service, your inner part of the prostate is also stimulated for ultimate benefits.

Considering the prostate massage benefits, the service brings not a few but an endless range of advantages. First off, the entire erotic experience enables you to have more control over your sexual energy. If you find it difficult to maintain an erection or ejaculation, Prostate Massage London can be matched with some Tantric therapies aid you in resolving these problems in as few as one session. The calming erotic experience delivered to you during Prostate Massage London will even help recover your metabolism!

Prostate Massage London is best when matched with Tantric therapies and other styles for ultimate effects. Start with a warm bath; the Tantric bathing relaxes and prepares you for your treatments later. Prostate Massage London is a great service to combine with core Tantric massage and Lingam massage; the fusion offers a holistic Tantra erotic experience and an impressively large number of benefits, not only physical but also spiritually. One of the said benefits you can reap from a regular Prostate Massage London is more aware of your body and being able to control it better – and sensations – of ejaculation and also the minimised pain of the prostate point.

As each aspect of the erotic experience is totally suited to one’s individual needs, it is guaranteed that you will find pleasure in  Prostate Massage London and a completely unforgettable Tantric erotic session with the assistance of one of our Asian massage therapists. Additionally select the massage and aromatherapy oils that are used while receiving your service, as well as other ambience factors and specific details that are all entirely amended to suit you. The secret of getting maximum benefits from a Tantric massage especially when it is combined with Prostate Massage London is allowing yourself to switch off from the surrounding world, fully relax and empty your thoughts. Allow the rituals to impress you and take you on a journey to a new plane of pleasure.

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London Prostate Massage Session rate & Booking:

Book now – 07823807648
Available services and the prices at Asian Majestic:
Incall prostrate massage: £150
Outcall prostate massage: £180 (Heathrow Airport hotel covers additional charges – Massage in Heathrow)
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– Body to body massage.
– Japanese Nuru Massage.
– Happy ending massage.
– Tantric Massage

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