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Tantric Massage

Majestic Erotic Massage is the ultimate Tantric massage agency located in London, UK. Our ethos is to deliver a high quality sensual Tantric massage service to Londoners and visitors alike. Majestic Tantric Massage was established by a collective of expertly trained Asian masseuses and experts in Tantra Yoga & Tantra Massage. The founding members all share in depth knowledge of massage technique, from intense training. The girls on our books are meticulously chosen due to their professionalism and experience which ensures we are certain to be guarantying ultimate Tantric massage service in London..


Incall and outcall tantra massage available

Mystic massage provides the best incall and outcall Tantric massage service to London locals and visitors to the capital. If you want to book simply ring up our operator and tell her that you would like to meet one of our masseuses in our parlour in central London or lets her know you would like your masseuse to come to your hotel for the sensual special service.

Feel free to make use of our mobile tantra massage services when you are in: Central London, North London, East London, West London, Heathrow, Gatwick and a few other places (if you have any queries about our outcall services, simply give us a call and we will organise everything).

All of our new masseuses are trialled through a vigorous selection process, within which we consider their personality, appearance and their professional talents. Once hired, every one of our masseuses is re-trained by one of the senior Tantrikas so that we can be absolutely certain they are up to our superior standards, maintain our sensual massage level of quality.

One of the other crucial factors that we judge in our selection process for masseuses is the demonstration of good manners and sophistication, not forgetting exceptional massage skills, a passion for Tantra teachings and primary principles and beliefs.

The ethos for our company is to deliver the highest quality service, we do this by mixing our intimate knowledge of human sexuality and education in ancient Tantric techniques, delivering the most attractive, sensual and sexy young women in London.

Our aim is to provide the finest service we achieve this by carefully choosing our masseuses so we have the top girls working for us, whilst maintaining high standards by training to perfection. Our strong organised structure maintains the smooth sailing of our company, alongside a professional workforce we avoid any issues with punctuality or accuracy.

Tantra masseuses are our “speciality”

Every woman in our masseuse workforce was chosen for her premium qualities. This form of erotic massage needs excellent technical ability but also deep sensitivity so you can together experience the profound power that tantra is all about. Our girls are sophisticated, well trained with an in depth knowledge of tantric philosophy and human nature.

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Benefits of tantric massage

Erotic massage we offer enables you the opportunity to fully relax and eventually discover about your individual body and energy. This will not only mean you can enjoy and control energy so you will find yourself not wasting it. Rather you will be able to store it for when you need it. It all comes down to your amount of interest or personal goals as you will eventually be able to practice sexual control.

Why is it good to be able to control your sexual energy? There is a whole host of reasons: It will result in you experiencing a larger amount of orgasms (for both genders) which will increase the pleasure of being touched and especially having intercourse (when at home with your other half). Making your love stronger and more profound, making your happiness richer.  Makes your sexual energy last, re-energizing it, rejuvenating every aspect, raising sensuality, removing fatigue post-sex. It creates a mental balance, boosts creativity, and awakens thought, whilst strengthening muscles and cleansing skin.

It increases the confidence and humour of both genders, has no danger of unsuspecting pregnancy. Introduces women to the joy of orgasms (It is scientifically understood that women require perhaps even half an hour of sexual stimulation as opposed to men that might only need no more than  10 minutes)

And finally, it is the only form of sexual pleasure that can takes to heaven, rather than staying rooted on planet earth. By not losing your energy and serum through ejaculation your body is able to store it and transform it into a specialist kind of energy. The possibilities with this energy are limitless, changing the areas with the lowest sensitivity to an increased sense of feeling, creating an increased degree of pleasure and awareness in your entire body.