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About Our Nuru Massage Service

Asian Majestic Massage is a company driven and focussed by quality massage. The Majestic Nuru massage in London will introduce you to new heights of sensual massage pleasure. By selecting one of our stunning Nuru masseuses, you can be confident that your experience will be the ultimate pleasure and you are getting the best. Call us on 07823807648 to arrange a booking. We cover Zone 1 and Zone 2 in Central London as well as London Heathrow airport.

Our fascination and delight in Nuru massage means that we are constantly researching the best techniques and learning more about the ancient Japanese traditions. Scroll further down to read more about Nuru massage. What it is, the history behind it and how to perform it correctly.


What exactly is Nuru massage?

The Nuru body slide massage is often compared to the London body to body massage with a Japanese twist. The treble threat- Asian goddess, nuru gel, Naked bodies. The method used by your masseuse is guaranteed to bring pleasure, by sitting on top of you and keeping balance by holding your thighs, she will slide her buttocks in various fluid motions, applying a mix of pressure, working all of your aches and muscle damage. The masseuse will then sit on your butt, balancing on her palms, it might be hard to imagine but in this position, the sexual tension will so intense- ready for more intimate fun.


The industry began in 1958 with the Red Light District after prostitution became illegal. It was an alternative to penetrative sex, another way of achieving orgasm. Since then the industry has become the biggest and most lucrative service in the Japanese Red Light District.

Now back to present day, you no longer need to travel far to get a Nuru massage; we have brought this ultimate sensual massage experience to London. Nuru massage is perfect for anyone who is daring, adventurous and wanting to branch out to new sexual pleasure. (FYI: Nuru massage in London is NOT a sexual service. It is legal in the UK)

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Why is it so popular, what are the benefits?

1. Improves your immune system: By making you completely relaxed you are less likely to get sick. Nuru massage wonders!
2. Healing properties combats erectile dysfunction – When you are made totally relaxed your body sends positive signals to your brain making you feel good and confident about yourself.

How to give a Nuru Massage the correct way:

1. Preparation is key. Before your massage, a water resistant sheet should be fitted to the bed to protect sheets. Dressing the scene with good lighting, candles and relaxing music really sets a perfect atmosphere. You can increase the sensual experience by adjusting the lighting and music to suit your individual preferences. Temperature is also important to ensure you are most comfortable, above room temperature, around 25 degrees is perfect.
2. Heat up your Nuru Gel in warm water until it is at a temperature you like (for a full b2b massage you will need 250ml)
3. Once you have poured the heated gel on to the body, your girl will get on top of you, moving her slippery body all over you. Applying pressure to your bare skin, particular focus on your sensitive areas, using her buttocks, breasts and groin. It is a very sexual massage that will lead you to an intense orgasmic ejaculation.

To summarise, the Nuru massage offers a sensual experience, not only beneficial for your mental health but also can improve your sex life, for yourself and your partner.


Where can you go for a Nuru massage?

You can get a massage at our Nuru massage parlour in London Marylebone, located just by Baker Street tube station. (NW1), but we also have a masseuse outcall Nuru massage service to all London and Heathrow hotels. Witness the wonder of Nuru right now!

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